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Jiren Makes His Way To ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ In New DLC

Hey everyone! It’s been quite some time since we’ve got a FighterZ DLC. The game was one of the best ones out there in 2018, and it managed to raise the interest by adding several great DLC characters like Broly and Bardock among others. However, ever since the Tournament of Power arc aired, fans have wanted to see just one person added to the game and that’s Jiren The Grey.

For those of you who don’t know, Jiren is Universe 11’s strongest Warrior. He surpasses even the Gods of Destruction when it comes to fighting the power, and his power knows no bounds. He fought against Ultra Instinct Goku during the Tournament of Power and held his own quite well. Jiren is one of the strongest mortals, and possibly the strongest mortal to exist in Dragon Ball franchise and he’s now made his way to FighterZ.

Earlier Bandai hinted that they were adding a Warrior from Universe 11 and of course, this meant Jiren.

But, there were some fans who believed that it could be anyone from Toppo, to Dyspo. But, now we have confirmation that Bandai was indeed talking about Jiren. This information comes straight from this month’s V-Jump magazine, and it clearly shows us a preview image of Goku fighting against Jiren.

Jiren FighterZ Dlc

Jiren vs. Goku as showcased in this month’s V-JUMP

It is also possible for some other additions to be made to Dragon Ball FighterZ along with Jiren, but I doubt we’ll see more. If you’ve stopped playing FighterZ, this is the time to pick up the game once again and start playing because this new addition is going to be worth it!

A update for the Jiren DLC isn’t clear yet. When we do get a hand on the update of the Jiren DLC, we’ll let you all know. Make sure that you subscribe to Otakukart to stay up to date with all the information related to Dragon Ball FighterZ.

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