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When Does Animal Kingdom Season 4 Come Out?

Animal Kingdom Season 4

In this post, we are going to talk about Animal Kingdom season 4 update, cast, and updates. The show is based on an Australian film of the same name released in 2010. The show premiered back in June 2016, and the show has successfully completed three seasons. The latest third season released in May last year, which concluded in August of the same year.

After the third season completed, fans were anxiously waiting to know more details about the next season. It is justified as it is a usual practice for all the shows, but this show was already renewed before even the viewers would ask for it. The show was renewed for a fourth season in July of the last year before the third season even concluded.

So, the show is supposed to return on the small screens, as it is officially confirmed by TNT. Well, with that being said, the fans are deliberately trying to know the update of the fourth season. Unfortunately, there is no confirmed update announced for the fourth season. But we can presume a update from the data of the past seasons.

The first season was released in June, and the rest two were released in May, which means that the show has a fixed slot on TNT. It means that the fourth season would also be released in the same slot, which is May or June of 2019. Moreover, the first season had ten episodes, and the second and third seasons had 13 episodes. Hence, we can expect the third season to have 13 episodes!

Talking about the cast, the whole Cody family is supposed to return, and other supporting cast members will return too! Here is the main cast of the show!

Ellen Barkin as Janine “Smurf” Cody
Scott Speedman as Barry “Baz” Blackwell
Shawn Hatosy as Andrew “Pope” Cody
Jake Weary as Deran Cody
Ben Robson as Craig Cody
Finn Cole as Joshua “J” Cody
Denis Leary as Billy
Molly Gordon as Nicky Belmont

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