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Michael Jackson Documentary Secrets And Air Date Revealed

Leaving Neverland Michael Jackson update

Leaving Neverland is one of the biggest and most anticipated documentaries of the Pop King Michael Jackson. With just news of this upcoming documentary sources all around are pouring information regarding same. Since ‘Leaving Neverland’ was announced in Sundance film festival, controversy spread like fire. The singer’s estate identified it as “an outrageous and pathetic attempt to exploit and cash in on Michael Jackson” accompanying this, many fans have reportedly straightened threats against director Dan Reed.

Michael Jackson Documentary update was scheduled for January 25th, Friday at the Sundance Film Festival in America. Leaving Neverland will later air on HBO in the USA and is scheduled for later in 2019. According to a report by Vanity Fair Leaving Neverland premiere in the UK on Channel 4 in the same week as America. This Michael Jackson Documentary will be presented in two-part each part being 2 hours long rather than a single 4-hour movie. Fans have protested and been teased online, leading to an expanded police presence.

Filmmaker Dan Reed mentioned “If there’s anything we’ve discovered during this period in our history, it’s that physical abuse is complex, and survivors’ voices need to be listened to. It takes great strength for these two men to tell their narratives and I have no question about their validity.”

Michael Jackson Performing Live

Neverland is the name of home, or you can call a vast estate where Michael Jackson lived from 1988 to 2003. In the year 1993, many child molestation accusations came into the limelight against MJ, but most were settled out of court. In the year 2003, MJ was held on seven counts of child molestation but was excused on all of them after a trial in 2005. ‘Leaving Neverland’ is the documentary that will study the accusations of physical abuse and child molestation made against MJ through and after his career.

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