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Shrek 5: Reboot – What To Expect?

Shrek 5 update

In this post, we are going to talk about Shrek season 5 reboot and more details. Fans have been waiting for the film series to return to theatres so that they can enjoy their favorite characters again on the big screen. We felt like the film series ended, but somehow, NBC managed to save us. Yes, NBC has acquired DreamWorks Animations, and they are now trying to revive all the popular stories.

It is proposed that the film series will return with the fifth installment, and it will be directed by Chris Meledandri, as announced by Chris Burke, NBC Universal Chief. Chris is the mastermind behind successful animated film series Despicable Me, and Minions. Hence, everyone expects that he would do justice to the film and all the fan-favorite characters.

But my main concern here is, was rebooting the story was needed? Because fans have loved the characters with the original story, and it would have been great if the makers would have continued that story. Nonetheless, it is not the case and we will be getting the series rebooted, while the voice cast and characters are supposed to be the same, per Meledandri.

I think they might have chosen to reboot because there might not be a way out with the current story, and hence, they would be starting over. Nevertheless, it would be helpful for those who have not seen previous films, as the next film will have no strings attached to the previous story. Meledandri also likes the characters, and he would keep them the way they are and will plot them into new circumstances. It has been proposed that Eddie Murphy would return as his role of Donkey, while Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers might also return.

Talking about the then we are informed that the film is supposed to release sometime in 2019. The IMDb page of the film also suggests the same. We were also told that a trailer for Shrek 5 would be coming out this Summer, which is justified if the film would be coming in 2019. Stay tuned to site, and we will keep you updated with further details. Also, the outcome of rebooting the story would only be known after the film releases, by understanding what viewers think about it.

Updated on 3 July 2019:

While we wait for more official details, it looks like the reboot would not essentially be an overhaul of the characters or the way they are. It will just have a different plotline than the usual one. NBC has hired Michael McCullers, who is supposed to write the story from scratch, keeping the characteristics of the existing characters. It is supposed to have a modern touch, to make it more relevant for the new generation.

Meledandri also suggested that he had some plans for the movie, which they are supposed to explore more. With the new plotline, they will make sure that they hit some nostalgic moments which would be pretty amazing to see. So, keep speculating while waiting for more details, and we will be monitoring the progress of the film!

Updated on 17 August 2019:

Fans are suspecting if the film is canceled or what, but believe me, it is not canceled. It is just delayed due to other projects, and it is a big film so they would not like to rush it in any way. Therefore, DreamWorks Animation and NBC will not be starting production on it until they have a plan ready. Right now, they are reportedly working on Puss in Boots sequel, and that might be one of the reasons of delay in Shrek 5.

Nonetheless, it is not going to be canceled, as the film is being planned since 2016, and we are going to witness the characters getting involved in a different setup. So, the wait would be worth it in my opinion.


Puss in Boots 2 is done and gone, and now fans are again curious to know what is the status of Shrek 5. Well, nothing has changed officially as of now. We are too waiting for more details to come out, as there has been no advancements after Michael McCullers given the opportunity to write the script. Therefore, more details are required before we make any claims, although we still believe that the film is long-awaited. We will updated the article with more details as soon as they emerge out, till then, keep speculating!