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20 Facts About “Code Geass” You Should Know

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

Code Geass, one of the most popular anime in the world, plays out with its own morals and values. Originally a Japanese series brought to the screens by SUnrise Studios, “Code Geass” is created by Gorō Taniguchi and Ichirō Ōkouchi. The series marked Goro Taniguchi’s directorial debut with original designs from the all-female group original character designs by Clamp. The series originally broadcasted from October 2006 to July 2007 in Japan through MBS. It also saw a sequel titled “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2” that ran from April 2008 to September 2008. Code Geass has been widely applauded for its melodramatic representation of the sci-fi world, winning numerous awards and accolades.

Code Geass follows the story set in an alternate world, which is divided into three superpowers. These include the Holy Britannian Empire, the Chinses Federation, and the European Union. Code Geass is one of the most highly-acclaimed anime series. Both seasons won several awards at the Tokyo International Anime Fair, Animage Anime Grand Prix, and Animation Kobe event. It has been praised for its story, cast, and conflicts between the different characters’ morals and values.

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20. The Arthurian Theme

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

If you observe, Code Geass has constantly followed an Arthurian Theme to their concept throughout its run. There is a cat in one of the episodes of Code Geass, who is named Arthur. The proof because she is definitely named after King Arthur.

19. V.V.’s Geass Trap

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

When Zero, Euphemia, Suzaku, and Kallen come across each other while cleaning up the forest, they all get trapped into one of V.V.’s Geass Trap. The trap was an artifact covered with a sort of gray tarp. As V.V. smiles away because it’s not just any trap. Though the trip’s main goal was to flood the cleaning, it also manages to give a mental shock to Suzaku, leading her to become unresponsive to Euphemia.

18. The Original Idea For Code Geass

Initially, when Gorō Taniguchi and Ichirō Ōkouchi approached Code Geass’s idea to Yoshitaka Kawaguchi, it was quite different from the final product. Originally the story was set to feature a hero character leading a secret organization. By the time, the idea got evolved by introducing two characters with completely different morals and values. Also, they were supposed to be part of the same military unit. These two characters were alter introduced as Lelouch and Suzaku.

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17. Schneizel Chess Disqualification

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

In Season 2, Episode 9, we saw Schneizel going against Zero in a chess match. During the match, Schnitzel uses his King and checkmates himself. In fact, this is against the rules of Chess. The move would be considered disqualification in the real world. Probably, the world of Code Geass approaches the game differently.

16. The 1000th Crane

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

Paper Crane’s theme has also been constant throughout the series run; At the end of the series, we can see C.C. with a paper crane, which represents the  1000th crane that can make anyone’s one wish come true. So, as the show closes, we see Kallen living with his mother.

15. The Pizza Hut References

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

In the original Japanese version of Code Geass, the series has constantly used a lot of references to Pizza Hut. However, the English dub edited all those parts out. A Pizza Hut advertisement was seen in one of the episodes where Britannian helicopters tried to stop a terrorist truck.

14. CC can detect Geass Users


20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

Yes, indeed, she has used this ability to track down Lelouch. Apart from that, she can detect also detect people with strong emotional connections towards the Geass Users. An ability she used to track down Nunally. This way, she protects herself and Lelouch, and it’s been revealed that she has used this technique a lot in the past, making her pretty good at using it.

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13. The Generations Of Nightmare Frame

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

So far, we know there were nine generations of Nightmare Frame. The first two generations are a total mystery as of now. From the third generation, we only know Ganymede and have seen one or two nightmares from every other generation apart from the first two.

12. Kallen’s Loyalty

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

The assessment of Lelouch consists of the core members of The Black Knights. It’s been stated that among all of them, Kallen has the highest level of loyalty scoring 100 out of 100 for Lelouch.

11.Schneizel Inspiration

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

Schneizel’s character and personality come from Yūto Kigali from the manga X-1999. They have a lot in common. Both come with a narcissistic and manipulative tendency. Also, they both believe that the world is corrupt and destroying is the only way to fix it.

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10. Nina Is Inspired By Albert Einstein

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

Yes, if you haven’t noticed, then Nina’s last name is Einstein. Of course, it’s a reference to Albert Einstein. Plus, much like Einstein, Nina also created a weapon of Mass Destruction and felt bad about the way it was being used.

9. The Origins Of Geass

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

The origins of Geass come from Irish and Gaelic mythology. So, in those mythologies, it is called Geis, which is considered taboo, much like being under a spell. The Geiss is considered both a gift and also a curse under a taboo. If they violate it, they could become weaker or eventually die, but they are said to become stronger and stronger if not.

8. Guren Type 2  Inspired Gurren Lagann’ Gurren

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

We don’t know if it was intentional but yes. Guren type 2 indeed has the same name as Gurren from Gurren Lagann. Even their colors match the exact same tone. So, we can say that’s the inspiration Gurren needed.

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7. Different Renditions

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

When the original show was adapted into manga, Code Geass went through several different renditions apart from the original storyline. Starting with “Code Geass: The Lelouch Of Rebellion,” which retells anime with a slight difference, and in this rendition, the Nightmares don’t exist. The second one was “Code Geass: Suzaku Of Counter-Attack” this is also a retelling of the story but from Suzaku’s point of view.

The next is a completely alternate storyline titled “Code Geass: Tales Of A Alternate Shogunate.” This alternate storyline delves the characters into 1853 and shares some similar aspects except for the part that Geass is used to summon the Nightmares. The last is “Code Geass: Nightmare Of Nunnally,” which is another alternate story where Lelouch hardly comes into the main picture. Instead, Nunally is the focus, which has a weird Nightmare under her control.

6. The Anime Was Believed To Fail

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

As we mentioned above, it is considered one of the most popular anime, but initially, Sunrise Studios, who produced it, believed it would be an utter failure. One of the main reasons was that Code Geass was set to be Gorō Taniguchi’s directorial debut. So, the development of the series had a lot of bumpy roads. This resulted in the series having only four episodes in the beginning, unlike other anime that has at least 8 episodes.

Also note, the first season was set to be 50 episodes long, but the studio decided to cut it to 25 episodes, which saw the story rushing. Yes, season 1 became a huge success, but that didn’t change Sunrise Studios’ mind. The second season of Code Geass got a new timeslot, plus the creators were forced to tone down the content a bit for newer viewers. Originally intended to pick up the story where it left, the studios tried to push the story with a time skip to fit well with the new viewers.

5. Alternate Versions of Lelouch

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

Like we mentioned above, there are a lot of alternate mangas and novels of Code Geass. Most of them take you to a completely alternate universe where the characters are indeed not exactly the same. Lelouch is one of the main characters shown in different personas throughout all these alternate manga s and novels. This has allowed the creators to showcase a completely different life of the main character.

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4. Zero Was One Of The First Characters To Be Designed

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

Zero was one of those characters that were developed initially for the series. Ichirō Ōkouchi wanted a mask in the show to make it look like a Sunrise show. A unique design of the mask was designed. A mask that was never before seen in any entertainment media. After the design for the character was completed, it was originally named Tulip because of the unique design.

3. Kallin Was Difficult To Voice Because Of Two Personas

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

Ami Koshimizu, who was the Japanese voice of Kallin Kouzuki, has stated in several interviews that voicing the character is quite difficult. Especially because of the double life the character carries. It was hard to keep pace with the character’s two personas and figuring out which one she is playing. Eventually, the voice actor started enjoying the character when she realized she is quite similar to her. Even the two personas of the character in some way align with each other.

2. The Manga Came After The Anime

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

Most of the anime comes from an adaptation of a successful manga, But unlike those, in the case of Code Geass, it is one of the fewer media titles where anime is what came first to the public rather than the manga. Code Geass’s manga came after the anime started airing. Cowboy Bepop serves as another example of being the anime first, then the manga.

1. Lelouch’s Birth

20 Facts About "Code Geass" You Should Know

If we look at the Britannia Calendar System, which 55 year differential with our world’s calendar. Lelouch was born on December 5th1999 according to the Britanian Calendar, coinciding with the year 1945 if we look at the calendar of the real world. Also, 1945 was the year humanity went with the biggest wars in history, especially World War II.

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