Minecraft has revealed the released date for and a trailer for the game. It will be released on various platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, SW-US, and EU. The trailer released made the announcement that the game will be coming out in April of 2020. In case you want to pre-order the game, it can be done at Playasia. In the event of Minicom 2019 that takes place annually for the celebration of Minecraft, the developer had launched a trailer that gives insights about the upcoming game.

The trailer

The trailer portrayed the story of an Illager who is lonely and outcast. He gets hold of a mysterious object with extraordinary powers, and as the story progresses, he finds himself to be on the path of evil. Minecraft Dungeons will come under the genre of action-adventure RPG. It is developed by Mojang and Double Eleven. We can either play as a single-player or in a team of 4 players. The game will be a bit different from a normal Minecraft game because it won’t give players the ability to Destroy or block. The game will be focused on the exploration of the dungeons, which might have monsters, traps, puzzles, and so on. Players will be free to use any weapon and armor.

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The main features will include Power ups with weapons upgrade options and special attacks. Then there will the Dungeon Creeper that will let us battle mobs. The multiplayer will be a key for enjoying. The players will be able to enjoy to hunt for treasures that will help them progress. We will get tons of other features like personalizing our characters and use attacks such as melee swings, hang back, heavy armor shields, and so on.