Dragon Ball Super Chapter 46 And Predictions: Goku vs Moro Begins!

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 46 update

Dragon Ball Super’s previous chapter saw Vegeta fight against Moro, and that fight was pretty surprising. As you may have seen, Vegeta struggled against Moro even in his Super Saiyan Blue state, and this is Moro who isn’t even close to his full power. Using his abilities to control the energy of a planet, Moro was able to create lots of problems for Vegeta.

However, once Vegeta used the form beyond Super Saiyan Blue, Moro was on the back foot. This, however, didn’t last long. Moro sapped up Vegeta’s powers, and this led to him being returned to his normal state. He cannot even turn Super Saiyan now, and Moro is getting stronger by the minute. So, what exactly will happen in the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super manga? That’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in this post, so let’s get started!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 46 Goku vs Moro
Goku using Ultra Instinct

So, as I said earlier, Vegeta got absolutely demolished in his fight against Moro, and I don’t think that he can fight any longer. Sure, he may try to have a go at Moro again, but I’m sure he’ll fail, and this is where Goku will likely jump in. When Goku does jump in, I think it is expected for him to struggle as well.

The only option that Goku and Vegeta have versus Moro is either fusion or Ultra Instinct. I don’t think fusion will have much of an effect because they still cannot go Super Saiyan or beyond. However, Ultra Instinct should work. If it does work, Moro will have trouble fighting them, unless he gets back to his full strength. He certainly is stronger than a God of Destruction at full power.

There are some theories that suggested we’ll see the controlled Oozaru form that Broly used in the Dragon Ball Super movie, but I don’t think if Goku and Vegeta can do that. This is a hard fight, and my bet is on Ultra Instinct. What are your thoughts on the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super?

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