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Sing ”Yesterday” For Me Episode 5 Review

Sing ''Yesterday'' For Me

Sing Yesterday For Me is a story of love and humanity, following the life of Rikou Uozumi, Haru Nonaka, Shinako, and Rou trying to live their best lives through hardship and turmoil, in a small town on a private rail line just outside of Shinjuku. Minor misunderstandings lead to big complications, and their various feelings become entangled. Below I have Sing “Yesterday” For Me episode 5 review. Take a look.

Sing ”Yesterday” For Me Episode 5 Review

Uozumi is at his workplace Koga Gallery trying to pick up the best photograph. Kobi visited the office looking for a part-time job meanwhile, Uozumi left him with his boss. Later Uozumi came back and they both introduced themselves to each other. Suddenly Haru came in to see Uozumi and Kobi notices her and they reminded each other where they met in high school while sitting down in a restaurant enjoying their meal busy talking about portraits and landscapes while Uozumi thinking of becoming a journalist and Kobi went away to his next job

In the evening Kobi visited  Milk Hall he met with Haru working as a waiter. Shinako was drunk walking in the street with Uozumi and they end up meeting with Kobi and Haru going home they stare at each other on the other side of the street. Uozumi is feeling jealousy of why Haru is with Kobi and Haru is jealousy of Shinako and Uozumi walking together. Haru told Kobi that they are not dating as she has feelings for Uozumi while Kobi has a crush for Haru.

Sing ''Yesterday'' For Me

In the morning Haru waited for Uozumi they walk together toward their home while complaining to each other that why Haru cannot go with another guy while Kobi is spying at them. Kobi keeps on walking Haru at her home and she feels awkward about it and he asked to hang out with her the following day.

They hang out together busy taking photos of the birds, Kobi asks Haru to go out with him, and he said he knows that she likes Uozumi. Haru said that Uozumi does not care about how she feels and she does not want to be a backup but she can’t give up as she has already fallen in love with him she ended up saying sorry and they go in different ways after shaking hands. Kobi quit his work with 1st prize photo of Haru in the Koga Gallery.

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