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Days Gone update, Story And Everything We Know So Far

Days Gone PS4 update

Days Gone looks like a fun game for PlayStation 4 that fans are surely looking forward to, by the looks of it. The game seems to have everything that a Zombie Apocalypse game needs to have. Everyone has high expectations from this game, but will it love up the hype once it comes out?

When exactly will Days Gone come out? We will be discussing that and everything else about the game in this post. As I mentioned earlier, Days Gone was set for an early 2019 release at first.

But Sony has decided that it wasn’t right to release the game so early for some reason. They decided to wait further and polish the game up a bit. To the surprise of m and fans, it’s been three years since we’ve been waiting for the game to come out now.

Days Gone PS4

The game appeared first at E3 2016. It was originally scheduled to come out in February but has now been pushed back. The reason behind that is probably the competition that the game faced from Electronic Arts’ Anthem, Microsoft exclusive Crackdown 3, and Deep Silver’s Metro Exodus.

Days Gone will now be released on April 26, 2019. This makes it the biggest game coming out in that month, so it seems like a wise strategy by Sony. From the Demo, it seemed as if Days Gone was the real deal. But, we haven’t had much time playing the game itself.

Besides, there are tonnes of the changes that Sony has probably made to the game now, and when we okay it again, it is likely going to completely different to what it was previously. In my opinion, the game looks great and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. Unfortunately, we still have some waiting to do till April 26, 2019.

Updated on 11 April 2019:

The game is around the corner now, and we have some more exclusive details for you. First of all, take a look at the trailer of the game to better understand the gameplay. Take a look:

The game will be available from 26 April, and PS4 fans would be delighted to know that it will be exclusively available for PS4. Hence, it would not be available for Xbox players, nor PC gamers.

The game will have an open-world setup, with some challenges to play and those could be attempted with whatever way player wants to. Players can play aggressive, or in stealth mode, depending on their health, resources, and way of playing! We have a couple weeks to wait, and then we would be able to play the game.

Updated on May 05, 2019:
Days Gone has received some harsh criticism lately, and one of those reasons is them removing the player choices. This was obviously a very hard thing for them to do, but it is what it is now. Taking into account everything that we know about the game so far, it seems that we’d rather not buy the game because it isn’t exactly what was promised.

Of course, different people have different opinions, but we don’t recommend buying this game. What do you think about the game in light of everything that we’ve found out recently? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!