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Nailed It Season 3: update, Spoilers And All We Know So Far

Nailed It Season 3

The beloved TV show of everyone, Nailed It has made its return to Netflix for its third season. With its return, the season will have a lot of chaos, messes, and unexpected successes. Moreover, it comes with a 10 minutes minisode that features the top ladies of Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina who are Kiernan Shipka, Mupiranda Otto, and Lucy Davis.

They are all big fans of the show. Moreover, hostess Nicole Byer showed love by wearing her Sabrina Spellman-best. Their challenge was to make dreamy man cakes out of Glendale’s finest, Nicholas Scratch, Lucifer, or Harvey Kinkle. Also, someone brought their cake mix and at the same time confesses to having a fear of ovens. A black cat rolls through. Kiernan Shipka offers Nicole Byer some advice on dating. Most importantly, messes and mishaps never end.

Nailed It Season 3

Nailed It! Season 3 promises that episode after episode will be based on pop-culture tributes as well as crossovers which will first begin with a Marvel episode with legend Felicia Day, and also working its way to a final fashion-themed episode. The guest judge of this show makes this even more fun to watch. Down below is the list of the guest judges that are going to make their appearance in the show:-

• Episode 1 — Felicia Day
• Episode 2 — Natalie Sideserf
• Episode 3 — Betsy Sodaro
• Episode 4 — Rosanna Pansino
• Episode 5 — Hubert Keller
• Episode 6 — Charles Phoenix

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