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Haikyuu Chapter 401 Spoilers, and Recap


The match between the two giants continues after Hoshiumi and ties the game to 18:18 points this is the great monster war part two. After Hinata makes his toss serve he look at all of his opponent’s position and cover. What a serve from Hina the ball is sent back to Alders where Hoshiumi digs it up back. Bokuto fires a cannon back and Hirugami blocks it back and scores.

In this post, we are going to talk about the Haikyuu Chapter 401 a recap. The Alders make an impressive comeback from behind and grabs the lead that supprises the BJ fans and players from the bench. The match is about to reach the final stage with BJ in pressure. Allow me to take you at more updates below of the match.

Haikyuu Chapter 401 update

Haikyuu Chapter 401 will be released on Sunday, 12 July 2020. Note that every Sunday Haikyuu releases its new chapter. The spoilers of Haikyuu chapter 401 take 2-3 days to be released before the latest chapter is released. We will update you as soon as they are released.



Previously on Haikyuu Chapter 400

With Alders leading with 1 point from Hirugami, the BJ cannot take out Kageyama from the sever spot. The score is 18:19 Kiyoomi bums the ball towards Ushijima who blocks it back. Bokuto is now serving and Alders keeps on changing their current rotation to confuse the BJ players. Hinata, Kiyoomi, and Shugo Meian show the Alders what they are capable of.

They manage to snatch two points from the Adlers using a free ball the score changes to 20:19 with BJ leading. You will never know what will happen between these two giants they are showing each other what it means to be the best. What a fantastic strike from both sides BJ pulls another one and Alders managed to close the gap.

What an amazing performance from both teams the game is tied to 23:23 points both teams are now playing for scoring. Hinata makes another strike but Romero covers the gap again. BJ scores and Alders scores Hinata is at his best but angry that Romero, Ushijima, and Hoshiumi keeps on scoring again and again.  BJ 25:24 Alders the match still continues, it will determine which team is the best.

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