Black Clover Episode 92: Online Streaming, Spoilers, And update

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Black Clover episode 92

Black Clover anime is getting better with each passing episode. At first, the fans were all angry about the anime not being up to the mark, but now it is at a good level. The major arc that is the Elf Invasion arc has now commenced in the anime, and in the last episode, we saw one of the first surprises of the arc.

We saw Raia went on to face Asta, Zora, and Mereoleona Vermillion. The surprise in this episode was how strong Mereoleona Vermillion turned out to be. We already knew Raia’s copying magic would be a problem for the Black Bulls, but Mereoleona Vermillion was easily able to dodge and deflect the enemies attacks which were great to see.

Now, talking about the new episode of Black Clover anime. The next episode of this amazing anime is episode 92. From here on out spoiler alert is active. So, whoever doesn’t like to read spoilers now is the time to leave this post alone.

Here is the preview of Black Clover Episode 92:

In the new episode of Black Clover anime, we will get to see that the base of Black Bulls will be under attack. The ones that will be attacking the Black Bulls base are the likes of Sally and Rades Spirito while the ones that will stand up and defend the Black Bulls base are the magic knights like Gauche Adlai, Grey, Gordon Agrippa, and Henry Legolant.

This battle won’t be an easy victory for the good guys as the enemies have come fully prepared this time around, and thus the good guys will have to give it their all in order to survive and defeat the enemies. Black Clover Episode 92 is set to release on 16 July 2019.

You can stream Black Clover Episode 92 online on Crunchyroll.

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