The Overloaded Cuteness Of Shamiko Is soon Going To Be Back With The 2nd Season Of “Machikado Mazoku”

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Machikado Mazoku Season 2

The Demon Girl Shamiko is soon going to be back with her cuteness overload, as the new season of the 2nd season has been announced.

Machikado Mazoku also is known as “The Demon Girl Next Door” is originally from a 4-Koma Manga, a cute series by Izumi Itou. The manga was serialized in Houbunsha’s seinen manga magazine Manga Time Kirara Carat since 2014. The series has five tankobon volumes until now.

The First Season of the series was aired in Septemeber 2019 and has grabbed quite the attention of the viewers. Especially after her “wawawawa” scene which is now a meme material for the anime lovers.



One day, Yuko Yoshida meets a demon in her dreams who also claims to be her ancestor from the dark clan. According to her Ancestor, Lilith their clan, Dark Clan was cursed to Poverty by the opposing Light Clan, and to restore her clan’s honor and status she must defeat a magical girl. As she woke up thinking as if it was a dream, she little does she know she has grown a horn and tail of the demon as her demon form is now unleashed by Lilith. Now to get her family out of poverty and bad luck moreover her physical form. She now must defeat a Magical Girl.


Yuko Yoshida (VA: Konomi Kohara)

Yuko Yoshida

The protagonist of the series, a high school girl who one day awakens her demonic powers from her ancestor and became full demon “Shadow Mistress Yuko”, which is shortened by her friends into “Shamiko”. Shamiko is physically weak. Furthermore, she can only transform in when she feels threaten which slightly improves her abilities.

Momo Chiyoda (VA: Akari Kito)

Momo Chiyoda

The second main character of the series. Momo Chiyoda is a magical girl who attends the same High School as Yuko. Shamiko was supposed to defeat Momo but instead became friends with her. Momo claims to be weakest among her fellow magical girls even though she possesses great physical strength even without her transform form.

(VA: Tomoya Takayanagi)

Mikan Hiatsuki


Mikan Hinatsuki is a fellow magical girl who came to aid the city when Momo had troubles with her powers. Whenever she got flustered or her emotions get heavy or bewildered she calls calamities.

Lilith (VA: Minami Takahashi)

Lilith, aka “Shamisen”

Lilith also is known as Shamisen, is the demon who appears in Yuko’s dream who awakens the demonic powers inside her making her into the Shadow Mistress Yuko who is also known as Shamiko. She is possessed inside a doll vessel which Yuko’s carries around. She can switch the souls with Yuko controlling her body whenever a switch was pressed in that vessel.


You can check the PV trailer here:


The announcement of the second season of the series has certainly made but we will have yet to know the actual update. Stay with Otakukart for future updates and information.

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