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A New Hitman Game Is In Development According To The Developers

Hitman 3
Hitman 2 (Credits: IO Interactive)

Hitmen 2 was a very good game that is getting a lot of content updates to this very day. It released back in 2018 and had a lot of positive reviews. It was praised for its gameplay like how a player can approach their targets in multiple ways which goes the same for how they can kill them. The game had a lot of replay value and it even got many contentas time passes by. This game got anotherrecently and in the blog post Developer, IO Interactive revealed that shifting its focus to the next Hitman game.

The blog post also said that Hitman 2 team is now transitioning to “the next Hitman game” and they also told that the Development of the unannounced title is “well underway.” There wasn’t any confirmation that it will be the new Hitman game but all of use can guess that it will most likely involve the killer machine that is known as Agent 47. The studio, IO Interactive have worked on Hitman 2’s post-release content for 13 months, and now the studio said it is “looking increasingly to the future.”

New Hitman

Hitman 2 (Credits: IO Interactive)

The game will be getting some major updates in the month of November and the developers have revealed the content roadmap. The nextfor the game will drop on 14 November 2019. On the other hand, 19 Novemberwill be bringing more improvements, tweaks, and fixes to Hitman 2. But the content for the game doesn’t stop there as content releases are scheduled for December and beyond.

Furthermore, IO Interactive said “Our 2020 plans for HITMAN 2 live content will focus on continuing to add Featured Contracts as well as introduce Community-curated Contracts into the game. On top of that, we are also planning a re-activation of HITMAN 2 Elusive Targets, giving players another chance to earn any attached rewards and experience the Elusive Target missions that you might have missed the first time around.”

Moreover, all of these content updates are free which is extremely great. IO Interactive was first owned by Square Enix. But after 2017, the studio regained its independence as well as retained the Hitman IP. The company is now working with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment on Hitman and a “new universe.”