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One Piece: Toei Animation Hints At A Spectacular Luffy vs Kaido Fight In The Anime

One Piece Toei Animation Luffy vs Kaido

The One Piece anime is getting close to the end of its Act 1 of Wano Country arc and we cannot wait for the show to reach its climax. For weeks, we’ve been hearing that the anime is going to animate the finale of Act 1, that is, Luffy vs Kaido, in full style and go all out on it. One Piece Episode 870 which featured the battle of Luffy and Katakuri might turn out to be inferior to the Luffy vs Kaido episode.

One Piece Luffy vs Kaido episode

Luffy vs Kaido In the Anime – What Will It Be Like?

Multiple sources have mentioned that the episode will be legendary in terms of animation, and recently at the Saudi Anime Expo, Shinji Shimizu revealed that Luffy vs Kaido will be a spectacle to watch. The show has improved drastically ever since the beginning of the Wano Country arc with Midori Matsuda taking over Kazuya Hisada’s role as the Character Designer, while several changes being made in the staff, such as Nagamine, Kureta, Komaki being the series directors, and Matsuda joining Ichikawa on the role of CAD as well.

The new composite has helped the anime tremendously as well, as has the line filter that Toei Animation has recently applied to One Piece. All that, when put together, gives us what One Piece is today and it raises the hype for the upcoming Luffy vs Kaido episode through the roof.

Although it is unknown when the episode will air, according to the rumors that we, at Otakukart, have heard, Luffy vs Kaido will be Episode 914 of the anime and it’ll air on December 15, 2019.

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