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Kevin Feige On The Expanding Marvel Universe On Disney Plus And How Studios Is Planning To Counter The Oversaturation Of Characters

Kevin Feige On The Expanding Marvel Universe On Disney Plus And How Studios Is Planning To Counter The Oversaturation Of Characters

It’s just a matter of few days as Marvel starts its journey towards phase 4 with its studio crew’s ever-expanding growth and the huge shared universe of its comic book characters. On the other hand, Dinsey plus is bringing an abundant amount of Marvel web-series and movies to their platform, starting with Wanda Vision on 15th January, which also includes the likes of Loki, What If?, Hawkeye, She-Hulk, and many more arriving. Marvel even acquired its rights to the Fantastic Four and X-Men characters, which now have been confirmed as part of Marvel Universe. Kevin Feige announced the arrival of Fantastic Four on Investors Day and most recently with the announcement of Deadpool 3, which assured the existence of mutants in the upcoming Phase 4 of Marvel Cinema’s shared universe.

Recently, during an interview with Deadline, Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel, was asked about the expanding universe of Marvel and how they will counter the problem of oversaturation of superheroes and characters within a single shared universe upon which Feige explained his strategy of managing the storylines as long as they are unique and interesting. Here we are covering everything Kevin Feige had to say about the growth of Marvel’s Universe.

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Kevin Feige On The Expanding Universe And How He Plans To Counter The Oversaturation

While promoting the beginning of the upcoming Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige talked with Deadline regarding the expansion and how the upcoming Disney Plus shows will create a large number of characters that the audience may not keep up with and could lead them to lose touch. Kevin Feige explained his take on the universe’s oversaturation and how he and the studios plan to counter the issue.

Kevin Feige quoted stating the similarity between worries he had when Marvel characters rights were among different studios during the earlier years and how multiple movies bound to come every year with the Marvel Logo on it. Feige explained a time when there were three movies in one summer, and he had no control over them and how to continue the storylines.

Kevin Feige On The Expanding Marvel Universe On Disney Plus And How Studios Is Planning To Counter The Oversaturation Of Characters

Kevin Feige further explained that he was okay with the fact of the abundance of movies as long as the stories are unique and interesting, stating that these qualities never go out of style and went further to explain that watching something different on TV at home and watching something different in theatres is how the audience escapes. Kevin Feige gave an example of the upcoming Disney Plus Web-series Wanda Vision, which is based on sitcom-styled storytelling which Marvel Studios has never done before and is something unique and not seen in their previous movies or any other shows and stated that uniqueness is what they are working on after Avengers: Endgame for the Phase 4 to keep up with the audience even with the oversaturation of the characters.

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What To Expect?

So from the statements above from the Marvel President himself, we can say that Kevin Feige, at the moment, is not worried about the oversaturation of stories and characters as long as they give unique and different storylines. We can’t help but agree because there was a time when Sony and 20th Century Fox were all together producing Marvel Movies yearly with different stories and characters. Still, they all were in their own unique state that connected with the audience.

Kevin Feige On The Expanding Marvel Universe On Disney Plus And How Studios Is Planning To Counter The Oversaturation Of Characters

On the other hand, talking about unique and interesting, Marvel Studios in its prior years was criticized for their formulaic ideas with every movie ending in a big battle only with the heroes winning. Still, this time, Marvel is becoming bold and trying to do something out of their bounds. For example, Avengers: Endgame didn’t follow the same typical structure to come to the final battle scene. The upcoming Wanda Vision is nowhere near what Marvel movies were used to be as the series is set to be typical sitcom based. To keep everything balanced, as Thanos says, Marvel has made sure they lift the spirits of traditional fans with the upcoming Falcon and Winter Soldier, which may bring back the big action sequences again as the trailer suggests. Then again, Loki, another show from Marvel, is something we don’t know what to expect from after the trailer; it is a completely different plot altogether.

So far, Marvel is trying to be bold and heading in different directions, even if it means bringing in more and more characters as long as they carry a unique aspect inside themselves and offer something new to the table. For Wanda Vision, which comes out in a few days, the sitcom-based series was applauded for experimentation when three episodes were screened for the critics. Traditional fans may have to adjust, but Marvel is making sure that audiences experience various content, whether it be offered on their TVs or in the Movies. For further updates on everything related to entertainment, TV shows, movies, and anime, stay tuned to Otakukart News.

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