Lucifer Writers Bring A Disappointing Information On Season 5B! Is Lucifer Season 5B Not Coming Anytime Soon?

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Lucifer Writers Bring A Disappointing Information On Season 5-B! Is Lucifer Season 5B Not Coming Anytime Soon?

Lucifer, one of the most popular TV series revived by Netflix and brought to the fans around the world who have loved watching the DC Comics devil enjoying his time of life in LA with his club while he tags along with a detective helping her to solve cases with his angelic abilities. Since Lucifer was brought to the world by Netflix, the series has managed to climb the streaming numbers and ratings way up ever since it aired on Fox, making the series one of the most commercially successful shows from the past decade. The highly anticipated fifth season’s first part was dropped on Netflix last year, which enjoyed critical and commercial success as the show leaned to different parts, and now the question left was when the next part would arrive.

For the time being, Lucifer Season 5’s second part or Lucifer Season 5B are the topics that have been running around on the internet, and now the writers have come up with an update on the show, but it may not sound good to everyone. Anyway, here we are, covering everything the writers had to say about the upcoming part 2 of Lucifer’s fifth season.

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Lucifer Writers On Lucifer Season 5B

After the constant buzz, questioning, theories surrounding the internet, and a successful fifth season’s beginning, the fans of Lucifer have been intrigued to know when will part two of the Lucifer Season 5 arrive as they are just one step closer to the final season 6. After many buzzes, the show’s writer’s room took to Twitter to provide a disappointing so let’s take a look at it and analyze what we can expect.

Lucifer Writers Bring A Disappointing Information On Season 5-B! Is Lucifer Season 5B Not Coming Anytime Soon?

Lucifer’s Writers Room’s Official Twitter handle took to Twitter and announced that even they don’t have an idea on when part 2 of Lucifer Season 5 may arrive. The writers declared that Lucifer Season 5B is not finished yet as the pandemic had blown their plans. Thus there is no official update for the second part of the show’s fifth season. The writers asked the fans to trust the process as they themselves have been dying to share the and once they are informed, they assured fans that they would let them know. You can check out the Tweet from Lucifer Writers Room below.

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What To Expect?

Lucifer’s showrunner Joe Henderson teased that the second part of the fifth season is set to be the most emotional season. In an interview, the showrunner quoted that it’s the most emotional chunk of all of the darkness seen in Season 5A, and Season 5B will get mixed with lightness. Joe Henderson further explained that Lucifer Season 5A started dark, and now 5B will be both brighter and even dark by quoting that it’s always darkest before the dawn. Joe Henderson said that Season 5B is more of a family story where Dad comes home and doesn’t like what his kids have been doing. All the creators are looking to focus on a family relationship and its emotional aspects.

Lucifer Writers Bring A Disappointing Information On Season 5-B! Is Lucifer Season 5B Not Coming Anytime Soon?
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On the other hand, the creators of Lucifer have already been teasing a lot with glimpses of what we can expect from the show, and a few slicks of episodes have managed to grab interest among the fans. It’s been revealed that one of the episodes will be a musical set in the Black and White 1940s in an alternate universe, and also there is a report that 80s pop star Debbie Gibson is set to make an appearance in the show as Shelly Bitner. Now, that’s something to look out for.

So far, we know the main cast of the show will be returning, which includes Tom Ellis as the devil Lucifer Morningstar, Lauren German as Detective Chloe Decker, also Lucifer’s love interest, Kevin Alejandro as Detective Dan Espinoza, DB Woodside as Lucifer’s Brother Amenadiel, Lesley-Ann Brandt as Lucifer’s demon friend Mazikeen, Scarlett Estevez as Chloe’s daughter Trixie Espinoza, Rachael Harris as Dr. Linda Martin, Lucifer’s therapist and Aimee Garcia as LAPD’s forensic expert Ella Lopez.

Okay, we agree with the writers; Lucifer is one of the abundant shows worldwide that have to be kept on hold because of the pandemic. Pandemic has not done much of any good to any of the currently running shows or movies as they were delayed, were left on hold, or sometimes ultimately canceled.  Let’s cheer up at least Lucifer is still on board as it is considered one of the most popular properties of Netflix. Thus whenever it is finished its production, we might see the arrival of Lucifer Season 5B soon as the writers have promised. For further updates on Lucifer Season 5B and everything related to entertainment, movies, TV shows, gaming, and anime, stay tuned to Otakukart News.

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