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‘Jane The Virgin’ Season 5 Theory: How Is Michael Still Alive?

Jane the Virgin Season 5 Release

In this post, we are going to talk about Jane the Virgin season 5 update and Michael’s unexpected reappearance. First of all, we will have to look back at how Michael died. It was about the third season when he faced Sin Rostro. As we know, we were all convinced from Michael’s death in the third season.

Although it was not a proper death or anything, we were just made assured that he had a deep wound from Sin Rostro’s gunshot, and he could not make it. He had aortic dissection which cost him his life.

Nonetheless, everyone was left is splits when he made a reappearance in the finale episode of the fourth season. It might be the biggest turn in the show’s history.

I know that it is just a show, but many are really worried about how it actually happened. The writers might also have the agenda to keep the viewers busy discussing what would have happened to Michael while they return for the fifth and the final season (sorry, but I had to say it somewhere!) So, what could be the reason of it?

There are tons of new theories available on the cyberspace, but it is not okay to believe any of them because writers must have something unique in their mind. That is why they gave people time to think about the incidence, and that too a whole year. Many theories seem legitimate, such as he going underground as he gave LSAT exam previously. Many are even saying that it was not Michael at all, and that might be Michael’s twin brother or lookalike!

It is hard to buy any of the stories, and sometimes it feels like all the theories can be possible. We will stick to the plan and wait for the next season to arrive. So, save the date 27 March 2019, and 9/8c PM on Wednesdays! We will be waiting anxiously for all the answers, although the first episode might not open with all the revelations!