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Madeleine McCann: NetflixAnd Details

Madeleine McCann Netflix update

Netflix had announced that they would be releasing a documentary about Madeleine McCann. The documentary will be released ahead of the 12th anniversary of the day that Madeleine disappeared. Madeleine was just three years old when she disappeared. She was with her family on holiday in Portugal. She disappeared in May 2007. This case has been labeled by many as “the most heavily reported missing-person case in modern history.” The documentary is expected to release before May 2019.

The documentary will take the viewers back in time as it will examine the sad story and it will show new interviews that are related to the case. Madeleine’s parents didn’t want to be a part of the documentary despite requests from the producers. It’s completely understandable why they wouldn’t want to be a part of something so tragic.

There are many people who would completely understand that they wouldn’t want to bring up such an accident from the past, which completely changed their lives. So, the documentary about Madeleine McCann involved neither Kate or Gerry McCann, and there is involvement from any of the ‘Tapas Seven’ holiday friends.

The case is still active, and it would make sense for the parents and the family friends to not be involved in the documentary.

Netflix is reportedly targeting a huge success for the documentary. It has been reported that the documentary cost up to £20 million to make. The series was expected to be released as an eight-part series. However, there might be fewer parts when the documentary actually comes out.

It had been reported earlier that Netflix was trying to screen the documentary last year; however, due to the excessive time required to shoot the entire thing, the documentary had to be delayed. The title of Madeleine McCann’s documentary is being kept a secret for now along with the names of the people who have been interviewed while filming the documentary.