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PUBG Season 12 End Date and Details

The beta version of the game was released in March 2017, with the full release joining December. Within three years since the game got its release, continuous updates and many bug fixies have made a huge success. The game was published by the PUBG Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Korean based company, Bluehole. The game was initially developed based on the Japanese movie Battle Royale. The game was released by Microsoft as a free play game for XBOX. On looking at the positive response of the game it was made available mobile version both in Android and IOS, it was made available in PlayStations later the same year. As many know that Battleground holds the record for most ever played a video game. The game has sold over 60 million units around December 2019.

Every game faces certain bugs during playtime, but successful and most played games facing bugs make players feel uncomfortable .with frequent updates, PUBG makes sure that the game is bug-free and proving the gamers with the Royale battling experience. This patch update has come up with many bug fixes and added with new features.


Recent updates have brought so many technical and user-friendly updates that make it or exiting for the players.  To celebrate the second and most successful anniversary, PUBG has come up with updates like Death Replay, Brothers In Arms System, Universal Marks, Teammate Volume Control, and a Hardcore Mode. These features are part of 0.17.0. Version update along with Royale pass. The recent release of the game got its theme titled “2Gether We Play'”.The season 12 Royale pass is a PUBG Version of the battle pass and a gateway pass for players to earn many more rewards.

The latest version of the game is also included with the Amusement Park Mode for Classic Erangel, and another one called the Arctic Mode. The mode has been enhanced to provide eagles’ views using drone shots. To avail, free rewards to the Player’s Ranked Arena Mode has been introduced with a recent patch update.PUBG is enhanced with New Double-Barrel Pump-Action Shotgun to enhance and strong attack on the enemies. The most awaited and much-expected Death replay mode has been enabled in this update release.

The recent release has got an Artic mode, which is themed with snow-white. The Player has to hunt the animals for food. The mode comes up an exotic drone wide-angle shots providing the overall view of the Arctic region. Skin color has been enhanced for Kar98k along with  Bizon SMG, the newly designed skin color of the car, a new skin for level 3 helmet, three new backpacks well suited for four new character outfits. There will also be three new pan designs and parachute designs each, and a new skin for the plane.

PUBG Season 12 End Date

PUBG Season 12 will be ending on May 11, 2020. Season 12 Royale pass has rolled out with significant changes with spectacular skin color changes. Rewards for the players has been enhanced. The end date for the recently released royale pass season 12 has been announced on May 11th, 2020. Soon after the end of this season, it’s expected for season 13 with many new features and bug fixes