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Google Pixel Watch Price, Features, and Specs Details

Google Pixel Watches
Google Pixel Watches

The Smartwatch market is in tremendous trend from 2019 onwards. Many leading techie-giants have entered the digital industry of smartwatches like Samsung with Galaxy Watch Active 2, Apple with Apple Watch Series5, and Huawei with Huawei Watch GT2.

Many digital trend experts are trying to inspire Google to manufacture its first smartwatch entirely on its own by the name of the Pixel Watch. However, Google is yet to make such a watch for users. Currently, Google only provides it’s Wear OS operating system to manufacturers like LG, Huawei, and Samsung. The earlier name of the OS is Android Wear.

If Google intends to make Pixel watches, which is evident from its job requirements, then it will be the result of all that Google learned from the time it launched Android Wear way back in 2014. It will also be able to compete with other industry giants like Apple and Samsung.

What is Google Pixel Watch Features?

As far as the design and hardware are concerned, there are three variants of Google Pixel Watches. It is still not clear whether the version will be with 4G or with just Wi-fi or Bluetooth.

There are still no predictions as to how the device will feel. Our assumption suggests that the watch may mimic the simple design of Pixel phones and may use the highlight color as on Pixel 2’s power button. The watch is sure to be equipped with New Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor with the Codename “Black Ghost.” The touchscreen will be 360 by 360 resolution, and there will be no rotating bezel. The Circular Display will measure 1.2 inches in diameter.

The Users of Pixel Watches, if made, will be benefitted from power management abilities and decent battery stamina. They will be virtually be feeling like a spy getting all sorts of information from the latest technology. The watch is to consist of regular straps, and the users will be allowed to apply their style. The device even could be possessed with mechanical hands and a touchscreen through the technology called, “Diana” a portmanteau of digital and analog.

As far as the software and the features of the watch are concerned, the device will operate in Google’s Wear OS operating system and will work well with Android phones and iPhones. The watch may also feature Google Assistant, helping the users to search online, control their smartphone, and use apps like Uber, Gmail, and Google Maps.

Google Pixel Watches

Google Pixel Watches – new watches to take on to apple watch series

Now, as far as a payment mechanism is concerned, Google Pay may be a part of the device for a  complete package.

What is Google Pixel Watch Price?

Since Google Pixel Watch is a new venture for the techie-giant, there is no previous benchmark to estimate price. The price of a digital watch largely depends on its size, LTE support, in-build material, and strap option. Google’s nearest competitors, Apple and Samsung, have priced their devices between £300 to £400.

Nevertheless, it is expected for a Google Pixel Watch to be priced at nearly around £300.

When is Google Pixel Watch update?

Google Pixel Watch will be released sometime in 2021. There is no specific update as of now. Initially, it was thought that the release of the digital watch would be announced at the major Google event on 9th October 2018. But later, it decided to continue with the Smartwatch development focusing on its tie-ups with other Partner Inc.

Update 2

It looks like Google Pixel watch won’t be coming in 2020, or at least at this point in time, this is how it looks. The Coronavirus Pandemic has over 724,000 cases in the USA and many productions and factories are closed, all the work has come to a halt.

Initially, it was believed that the pixel watch will be released sometime in 2020, but as of now, all we can tell is, it is getting delayed. We are yet to get an official word from Google on this; however, one can tell that it will not be coming this year.

Google Watch is expected to have the following features and specs aside from the base features.

  • In-display fingerprint scanner
  • Swimproof
  • Rotating crown or bezel
  • Three day battery life
  • NFC payments

Update 1

Google’s hardware game is spot on and as we see more and more of Google hardware devices like Pixel Phone Series, Pixel Buds, Google Smart Speakers we should soon expect a Google Pixel Watch. As the company bought “smartwatch technology” from the watch brand Fossil, which already specializes in smartwatch wears which including amazing FOSSIL GEN 5 and many more hybrids. Due to this many speculations suggest that this same technology will be seen in forthcoming Google Pixel Watches and can feature digital-analog hybrid watch. This indicates the Pixel Watch could have physical, mechanical hands, as well as a touchscreen.

Although still there is no solid update or any in-depth conclusion of pixel watch. With COVID-19 ongoing there is very little chance of seeing something just magnificent in production this year with the release of Pixel 4A.