Supernatural Season 15 Episode 14 Plot, Casts and All You Need To Know

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Supernatural Season 15 Episode 14 Plot, Casts and All You Need To Know
Supernatural Season 15 Episode 14: update

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In this article, we will discuss all the updates associated with Supernatural Season 15 Episode 14. The Longest Running TV Show of America has become one of the latest victims of Global Corona Virus Pandemic and because of Lockdown the Most of the TV Shows and Films shooting around the globe have been suspended. The Supernatural was shooting its finale season 15 which was also affected by the Corona Virus Pandemic The filming was suspended potentially settling a pause on when the show from The CW will return. Fans are waiting since March 23, 2020, when the show will return and they want all the updates associated with Season 15, so we have gathered all the recent updates regarding when Supernatural will be back. So here is all you need to know. 

Supernatural Season 15: What are the Updates? 

The 15th and the final season of Supernatural started premiering from October 10, 2019. The finale season consists of 20 episodes and The series finale was scheduled to premiere on May 18, 2020. But due to the global Corona Virus Pandemic Warner Bros. Television Studios postponed the production of the series in March 2020. Later in March, showrunner Andrew Dabb announced that the series would go on pause after the March 23 episode and so far there have not been any official updates about the premiere of the rest of the episodes of Supernatural season 15. The Showrunner said the season will most likely return in the Autumn or late summer this year. So the fans might have to wait a bit more to witness the conclusion of Supernatural.

Supernatural Season 15 Episode 14: update

The Super Natural Finale season most likely to start premiering the rest of the episodes of season 15 from Autumn or late summer of 2020. As of now, there has not been any further revelation about the premiere date of Episode 14, So we might have to wait for an official word on this. If we receive any further updates we will keep you posted.

Supernatural: Plot and Casts

The show follows the story of two brothers Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester who were raised by her father John. They follow their father’s footsteps to Fight Evil Supernatural beings like monsters, demons, and most importantly to kill the monster who killed their mother. During their journey, Sam started to develop terrifying abilities that involve death visions, the actual visions, and the sight of people dying even before it actually happens. The brother learns that these visions are somehow related to the demon who killed their mother and its mysterious plans that appear to be all about Sam. Soon their father dies striking a deal with the demon that killed his wife the sons are now without a guide and a father and wants to finish what their father has started by killing the demon who killed their mother. Here are the Cast Details of Supernatural Season 15

Supernatural Season 15 Cast Details
Supernatural Season 15 Cast Details
  • Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester
  • Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester
  • Misha Collins as Castiel
  • Alexander Calvert as Jack 
  • Ruth Connell as Rowena Macleod
  • Jake Abel as Adam Milligan
  • Rob Benedict as God
  • Emily Swallow as Amara/The Darkness 
  • David Haydn-Jones as Arthur Ketch
  • Lisa Berry as Billie/Death 
  • Osric Chau as Kevin Tran
  • Shoshannah Stern as Eileen Leahy
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