Spies In Disguise Gets A Christmas update: Casts Will Smith, Tom Holland, And DJ Khaled

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Spies In Disguise Release
Spies In Disguise Main Character

Spies in Disguise is an upcoming animated comedy movie, which has been produced by 20th Century Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios. The movie is based on Lucas Martell’s 2009 animated short Pigeon: Impossible. The movie is being directed by Nick Bruno and Troy Quane. Both of them are making their directorial debuts with the movie.

The movie follows Lance Sterling. Lance Sterling is a highly famous spy. The world is in danger, and Lance needs to protect it from the threats. Lance, however, ends up relying on the young scientist, Walter Beckett. Lance asks Walter to make new gadgets in order to complete his missions. However, when Beckett shows Lance his latest invention of “biodynamic concealment,” Sterling ends up taking in Beckett’s experimental work. After ingesting the substance, Lance turns into a pigeon. He must now find out how he can still save the world.

Spies In Disguise Cast And Trailer

Spies In Disguise Release
Spies In Disguise by Disney

Here is the cast of the movie: Will Smith as Lance Sterling, Tom Holland as Walter Beckett, Ben Mendelsohn as Tristan McFord, Karen Gillan as Eyes, Rashida Jones as Marcy Kappel, DJ Khaled as Ears, Masi Oka as Agent K, Reba McEntire, and Rachel Brosnahan.

The first trailer for Spies In Disguise came out in November 2018, and the second trailer was released on July 1, 2019. The film was originally slated to be released on January 18, 2019, by 20th Century Fox. Thewas pushed back from the original release of January 18, 2019, to April 19, 2019. Thewas then pushed again from April 19, 2019, to September 13, 2019. Then once again the movie’swas pushed back from September 13, 2019, to December 25, 2019.

The movie has seen a lot of delays so, they might actually be checking out some stuff. The directors, in particular, would want the movie to be immaculate so that their debuts would be worth remembering. From the looks of it, the movie seems to be fun, and it might be worth watching. I’m going to give it a go when it releases.

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