Dropout Idol Fruit Tart Idol Episode 4 Recap, and Latest News

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Dropout Idol Fruit Tart Idol

The girls practices their debut song in front of their manager Miss Hoho, when they have finished Roko, is happy that they perform well. Roko asks Miss Hoho if their performance makes them fully prepared for the concert. Miss Hoho looks at the girls and said ‘’skin’’ then ask them if they think they need to expose more skin. The girls shout ‘’no’’ and the next day the day of the concert arrives people are busy buying tickets for entering the concert.

Meanwhile, Ino is trying to show people to line up near her for the Cream Anmitsu merch table. Roko yells at Miss Hoho saying that she thought their Job today was to perform their concert. Miss Hoho said it is but the girls only have one song. No one knows about their group and if they help on Cream Anmitsu they will get to perform a song before their show. Miss Hoho said that performing in front of many people like this is great exposure.

Dropout Idol Fruit Tart Idol Episode 4 Recap

Dropout Idol Fruit Tart Episode 4 will be released on Monday, 2 November 2020, at 9:30 PM JST. Note that every Monday this Anime will be releasing a new episode. Make sure to convert the time mentioned above so that you won’t miss a new episode by the time it is released. You can watch Fruit Tart Idol officially on AnimeLab.

Dropout Idol Fruit Tart Idol
Dropout Idol Fruit Tart Idol

Previously on Dropout Idol Fruit Tart Idol Episode 3

Roko agrees with her and Miss Mis Hoho said that they will get paid 10000 yen for doing this. Out of excitement, Roko told everyone to do their best. After 2 hours Roko complains that organizing the line is much work. Roko said that it is amazing to see the fans in line an hour before the show and Ino replied that it is called love. Roko said what Love and Ino said that it is like when she stay awake waiting until she hears Roko snoring. Roko gets worried that her secret of snoring is exposed she fires back at all of them.

She said it is not only her Hayu and Nina also have weird sleeping habits too, Hayu keeps on saying Mommy in her sleep. Nina sometimes wakes up naked and Ino sometimes wears kiddy underwear. The girls notice that it is hot they took off their Jackets and the crowd started coming near them. The crowd has noticed the hot bodies they have and Nina said they are banned from taking off their jackets.

They put them back and the crowd went back after a few hours the girls are called to perform. Since they are nervous Ino boosts their confidence telling them that they must no be scared. They have been working hard as idols all this time they went on stage and perform the first debut song. The crowd cheers for them since they have shown a fantastic performance. After the show, Roko told Ino that Idol is amazing. The new member is going to join their crew next time.

Dropout Idol Fruit Tart Idol Episode 4 Preview

Today we have managed to get you all of the above details see next week when the new episode of this Anime hits. That is when we will be kicking another with new updates of the upcoming episode.

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