Dragon Ball Super Chapter 44 Spoilers: Moro Vs Goku And Vegeta?

Dragon Ball Super is finally moving forward after the Tournament of Power, and we’re now going through Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc. As some of you may know, Moro is the new villain of this arc. It was revealed that 10 million years ago, Moro fought against the Daikaioshin and lost his magic at the price of the Daikaioshin losing his powers.

Five million years later, Buu absorbed the Daikaioshin, and he has become a part of him ever since. Now that Moro is free again, the Galactic Patrol need the help of the Daikaioshin who is within Majin Buu. The problem here is, getting him out isn’t really possible.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 44 update

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 44 gave us all these details about Moro, and it also gave us a peak at what Merus was capable of doing. I’m pretty sure some of you have already noted that Merus is very strange. Vegeta has already started to doubt, and it seems that he is hiding his true power from Goku and Vegeta.

Could it be possible that Merus has something to do with Moro suddenly breaking free? I’d say so. Moro may well be stronger than ever now, and when Goku tried to track him down using Instant Transmission by sensing his Ki, for a second, it felt like Moro knew what Goku was doing, and Goku was shocked.

So where will go to from here in Dragon Ball Super? In the next chapter, I think we’ll be seeing Goku and Vegeta teleport to where Moro is. It is possible that the fight between them will begin, and if that happens, we will see what Moro is truly capable of. I’m pretty sure that Moro can do more than just eat a planet’s energy. He looks like a fearsome opponent and it offers a new outlook at Dragon Ball Super that we haven’t seen so far in the series due to Moro being a Warlock.

I’m very excited for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 44. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 44 will drop on 21 January 2019. You can read it on the official Shounen Jump app.

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