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Moon of Madness Features, Gameplay And Details

Moon of Madness

The first person adventure horror game, Moon of Madness is all set to make its debut on Xbox One and PS4, and fans are incredibly excited to get a hold of it, and after all the initial reviews of the game came out, the excitement has reached to a whole other level. The game is intended to bring about a change in the classic routine of the horror game genre by focusing on mental illness.

This aspect of the game makes it different from all other horror games out there, and according to many reviewers, the game will dive into your deepest fears, and the way it blends the two different concepts is pretty amazing. The game is not set in Moon as you might think from the title but, the location is Mars and has more of the humanity in it. The game is already available on PC; however, PS4 and Xbox One users are waiting for the game to arrive on the platforms. We have gathered all the recent updates and information regarding the updates, so here is everything you need to know about the Moon of Madness.

The first-person adventure game revolves around a family whose battle with mental illness has gotten to a whole new level, and the horror setting wrapping around the concept makes it a must-play game.

According to reviewers, the mental illness portion has been depicted realistically, and the fascinating part comes when the main character learns about his illness. The characters are pushed to their limits psychologically as they are put to remote, isolated places, and the storylines will portray personal human fears and horrifying conditions all engulfed in a great adventure.

Moon of Madness Features

Key features of the game include:

Experience true cosmic horrors
Explore the darker side of Mars

Moon of Madness update

The PC version of the game was released back on 22nd October 2019, and for PS4 and Xbox One, the initialwas 21st January. However, according to the latest updates, it has been pushed back. According to the developers, the delay is done to give them more time to optimize the game for the consoles. Moon of Madness will come to PS4 and Xbox One on 24th March 2020.

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