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Hanna Season 2: Storyline, Cast, And Details

Hanna Season 2
Hanna Season 2: Streaming Details

A remake of 2011 Action – Thriller, Darkest Hour, Hanna is a perfect example of the coming-of-age drama focusing on teen rebellion. Showcased on Amazon Prime, the modern age bio-fi Hanna displays a super-soldier teen story who escapes pursuers of hate to live a normal teenage life, but turmoil chases her down to a probable Season 2. Displaying international action and turmoil, Hanna was first premiered in May 2017. The opening season was expected to release a lot earlier, but mysterious powers, let the series opener in 2019 only. However, the delayed opening did not affect it’s viewer ratings as the bio-fi is gaining windfall revenue as we are inching closer to its Season 2.

When is Hanna Season 2 update?

Hanna Season 2 will be released in mid-2020, though the exact date is not yet announced by the creators. With the main cast and creation team already in place, the turn around time for Season 2 will be much shorter. Follow our subsequent articles on the series for more details.

What is Hanna Season 2 Storyline?

Our lead character Hanna had no ordinary birth- she was born to be a genetically advanced super-soldier. His birth and growth as a gen-next warrior were as per CIA’s utrax program for an unknown mission. Her infancy is much more eventful than her birth, as, at the behest of her late mother, Johanna, Hanna was stolen by Utrax would hold her amidst the woods of Rome. She received survival training added with combat lessons throughout her childhood and teenage life. Subsequently, Erik attempts to give new life to Hanna, inviting conflict with Marissa and other CIA agents by J. Sawyer.

Season 1 witnesses Erik’s death at its culmination letting CIA, with the help of their unseen supervisor named Norris, include Hanna’s name in their Permanent Hit List. Thus, ends the Season 1 with Hanna forced to live in the hostile world being an orphan.

Season 2 might witness the return of Sophie and their family to continue Hanna’s education into her teenage life. Creators have set the stage for a conflict between Hana with his ally Clara and the Sisters of super genes, which will kickstart from her forest exile.

Who is in Hanna Season 2 Cast?

The lead character of the bio-fi series, Hanna, is being played by Esme-Creed-Miles. Her ‘father’ Erik Heller, who kidnaps Hanna, is being ably performed by Jeel Kinnaman. The unseen Supervisor, Nemesis, is being brought on stage through Mireille Enos.

Besides the lead casts, other prominent actors in the series include Khalid Abdalla (as Jerome Sawyer) and Rhianna Barreto (as Sophie). The Season 1 cast crew with all its lead actors are expected to return in Season 2 much to the viewer’s delight.