Top 10 Most Popular Characters In The Rising of Shield Hero

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Top 10 Most Popular Characters In The Rising of Shield Hero
The Rising of Shield Hero

Fans are going gaga over the Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2. The Rising of the Shield Hero is a successful Japanese anime, based on the life of four main characters – wielding the sword, spear, bow, and shield who struggle to protect their world from recurring waves of calamities. The first season of the Rising of the Shield Hero was aired in 2019 and produced by Kinema Citrus and directed by Takao Abo. There are 25 episodes based on the first five volumes of Aneko Yusagi’s written dark fantasy light Isekai novel with the same name.

The Rising of the Shield Hero was actually a web novel, which was later published by Media Factory in an extended form. It also included the illustrations created by Siera Minami. It was adapted into an anime series in 2019. Season 2 is premiered in April 2022, and Season 3 is also in order. The first season started with several power-packed characters which still hover somewhere in our minds. Hence, in this article, we will be listing out some of the most popular characters from the anime’ Rising of the Shield Hero’. So let’s begin!


Filo is the cutest character in the series who likes adventures and pulling carts. She is a filial bird that was bought by Naofumi in the form of a monster egg. That egg hatched to develop into a filolial queen filo. She accompanies his master Naofumi along with Raphtalia on his journey. Filo is loving and loyal to her master. As a  human, she acts like a spoiled kid who will not abide unless her wish is not fulfilled.

Most Popular Characters In The Rising of Shield Hero: filo
Filo  is the filolial queen

Filo, to our surprise, has got some physical strengths too. Her speed and agility are beyond comparison. Also, being a quick learner, she can learn magic spells and new tricks in a few minutes. She also exhibits the power to control winds. Filo can create typhoons and storms using her wind-controlling abilities.

Mirellia Q Melromarc

Mirellia is a character who seems to be the synonym of the phrase ‘Beauty with Brains’. She is the ruling queen of the kingdom Melromarc and the mother of Melty and Malty. She is, therefore, the strategic head of her army and has some astounding magical abilities. In fact, she is the powerful magic user outside the team of the heroes.

Most Popular Characters In The Rising of Shield Hero: mirellia
Mirellia is the queen of Melromarc

Unlike her husband, she cherishes justice and kindness. She even once saved the heroes from the attacks of a high priest using her ice magic, becoming their biggest ally outside their own group. Even though she defeated Biscas T Balmus, her one-on-one combat skills are yet to be discovered.


One of the most powerful characters in the Shield Heros team, Raphtalia, is nicknamed “Sword of Naofumi”. This is because of her affinity to Naofumi, who once saved her life. She is the first accomplice of Naofumi and the lead heroine of the series. Raphtalia is loyal to him and accompanies him like his second conscience because he’s too focused on his goals. She is one of the strongest characters who are great at wielding and using swords efficiently.

Most Popular Characters In The Rising of Shield Hero: raphtalia
Raphtalia is the lead heroine in the series

Raphtalia uses illusion magic and is growing continuously by learning several other types of magic too. She also becomes a Katana Hero after obtaining the Vassal Katana from another world. Using the vassal, she can drain off the magical powers of her enemies, press upon their pain points, and cut the flow of magical power to unleash their energy. We can hope to see some more from Raphtalia in the second season.

L’arc Berg Sickle

L’arc is the wielder of the Vassal Scythe of the world further on the Wave. He’s a Scythe Hero. The energy from his weapon can slice his opponent into two halves. He bears some more fatal skills and abilities like Sky Blade, Full Moon Army, and many more. His battle experiences allow him to stand easily against the Naofumi team in the earlier episodes.

Most Popular Characters: LArc-Berg-Sickle
L’arc-Berg-Sickle is a scythe hero

His aura is something that even Naofumi cherishes and considers his own brother. L’arc, a character who actually is the king of his land, normally fools around carefree like a vagabond. Apart from his scythe power, L’arc bears some wind magic too. We see him blowing his enemies away into a tornado created with a flick of his wrist. 

Therese Alexandrite

Unlike other heroes, who have weapons to carry, Theresa is a barehanded ‘Jewel’ who can cast spells on others using the energy derived from different types of jewels. She accompanies L’arc and travels with him on his journey. Theresa is quite the opposite of L’arc, being shy and serious.

Top 10 Most Popular Characters: therese
Therese is a jewel who accompanies L’arc

She casts spells like Ball of Flame and can purify the Blood Sacrifice curse of her allies. This weaponless magical woman is unexpectedly strong enough to lift a typical heavy adult with all her might. She once lifted drunk L’arc all by herself. She loves and cares for her jewels like a kid and gets excited when she comes across the new ones.

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Ren Amaki

The self-centered yet powerful character, Ren Amaki, is the sanest of the four heroes. He is a legendary sword hero. His sword abilities include Slaying, Spirit Turtle Katana, and Comrade sword, and he specializes in water magic alongwith support magic.

Characters In The Rising of Shield Hero: ren amaki
Ren Amaki is a sword hero

In his cursed form, Ren is the master of the Guillotine, using it to bind his enemies and impale them. He also possesses a holy sword that chose him as its wielder and can cut through anything and everything in a single attack with it. He is probably one character that is not normal with Naofumi, who is otherwise treated as someone special.

Motoyasu Kitamura

Motoyasu Kitamura is one of the four heroes who were summoned to the other world. He serves as a spear hero. He is next to Naofumi when it comes to appearing during combats. Despite having lower defense abilities, his spear is what makes him the stronger of the four heroes. His legendary spear has unlocked all its powers and has reached its full combating potential.

Characters In The Rising of Shield Hero: kitamura
Motoyasu Kitamura is a spear hero

It has some fatal techniques like Shooting Star, Chaos Spear, Meteor Thrust, etc. But it also creates feelings of lust and jealousy in its curse mode. This is why his enemies get easily attracted to its user like Kitamaru and feel jealous of him. But Motoyasu can use this jealousy to become stronger. Despite being blessed with such a mighty spear, Motoyasu is highly indecisive, delusional, and egoist. Because of this, he often creates problems for Naofumi. But he is easily controlled by Malty, who keeps him under her pinky finger.


Glass is a vassal wielder from another world who is as powerful as the seven-star heroes. She is a fan hero who uses a fan as her weapon in the other world. She belongs to a race of spirit people and therefore uses soul powers derived from them in her defense. The stronger the soul power, the more powerful she becomes. And the energy thus gained is unleashed through the fan.

Top 10 Most Popular Hero: glass
Glass is a fan hero

Glass is surprisingly physically strong enough and can take any number of hits on herself. She is a self-determined and incredibly-strong character operating all by herself. Her mission is to kill the four heroes to save the heroes of her own world. Her seriousness in her mission is enough to scare even the heroes, including Naofumi.


Naofumi is the shield hero who is the protagonist of the series. He was also one of those four heroes summoned to another world. His shield provides him the ability to both defense and offense by sealing, imprisoning, and shooting out energy blasts. Naofumi has access to a cursed shield. He is unbeatable in his cursed form as he becomes potent in this mode, although at the expense of his health. His additional abilities include Iron MaidenBlood Sacrifice, and Megiddo Burst.

The Rising of Shield Hero: naofumi
Naofumi is the shield hero and the lead protagonist

Naofumi is a character who evolved not just because of the powers and abilities obtained but also because of other incidents in his lifetime. The false allegations by Malty not just ruined his life but also brought a disgrace to his image. He had to start everything all again to make it to the top. The allegations also made him lose faith in humanity, which was later restored in his journey with Raphtalia and Filo.


Fitoria is the queen of Filolial who summons heroes from different worlds to save the world. She is the most influential character among the shield heroes having some unique abilities, like Liberation Wind Prison and Haikuikku, along with negating the effects of Zweite Tornado. She can change forms at her own wish, from human form to filolial and its different stages. Fitoria is childish at times and takes no nonsense from others. She is stubborn enough to kill those heroes who don’t serve her purpose.

The Rising of Shield Hero: fitoria

Naofumi himself compares her with Filo. Fitoria has lived through different ages, and therefore she is the master of ancient knowledge. She is a bird just like Filo but much more powerful. Her unbeatable strength and swift magic tricks give her a leg over her enemies. She conducts herself like a queen and is loyal to her previous master’s promise to protect the world for which she can go beyond her limits.

And in this way, we wrap here our list of the top 10 most popular characters in ‘Rising of Shield Hero’. Hope it was interesting to know about them.

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