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TOTS Fifa 20 Trailer & New Update


EA Sports has come forward with another brand new season of TOTS as we all know the fact that all the football matches and related events are suspended indefinitely. EA has taken this as an opportunity to bring its popular football event for fans. We have gathered a lot of information about the upcoming football event.

Team of the Season (TOTS) is one of the much-expected television events of this year. This event has occupied a predominant position in the FUT calender. Currently, both Football and football-related event are suspended indefinitely due to the global shutdown. Team of the Season So Far is the reason to celebrate for football fans after long days. In this article, I’ll discuss the Team of the Season trailer, and everything you need to know.

The name of the event has been changed from Team of the Season to Team of the Season so far. The players and audience are eagerly looking forward to the event; it’s based on the raking the players on several parameters from different league matched that happening around the year. This gives an overall image of the player and his football skills. After the Football matched are suspended, EA decided to change the name to Team of the Season So Far (TOTSF)

TOTS Fifa 2020 update

TOTS Fifa 2020 will be released on Friday, 24 April 2020 at 6 pm GMT / 1 pm ET. As for now, the progress of the event looks good with a positive sign. The event has gained rock solid review and descent feedback from the audience.

What Are The Major Updates

Initially, the Community team will be selected by the FIFA fans in the community website like FUTWIZ and FUTHEAD. The selected team will be analyzed by the panel of football experts classifying based on the position of the players. Each player will undergo several rounds of the test, including tricks and athletic ability. Fifa tots have already gained much positive feedback from the critics allowing fans to express their views by choosing their favorite players.

Players from different countries playing various football leagues will be considered for the event. Players are separated based on their talent by the experts. Based on the votes from the audience, each player will be ranked and awarded reward points. Voting continuous for a limited number of days production has already specified. This event allows the football fans to express their views on players based on the performance in recent football matches.

Players will be categorized as follows

  • Goalkeeper Nominees
  • Defender Nominees
  • Midfielders Nominees
  • Striker Nominees

Fans will be allowed to cast their vote choosing their favorite players from the nominations. It will be based on the performance of the players on popular football leagues.