Overhit: Global And Gameplay

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Overhit Global update
Overhit Global

Overhit has been a vastly successful game and the news of the game being released globally is a major one. Originally, the game was expected to be released globally in 2018 but, the global release of the game was pushed back due to the game being released in Japan first. As expected the game was a huge success in Japan as well.

Now the game is ready to be released globally. You can pre-register for the game on Google Play but, there is nofor the game yet. We are expecting the game to be released sometime this year. There should be anin the upcoming days regarding the release of the game.

The game is a spin-off based on HIT series. The has been developed using Unreal 4 Engine and the game has a lot of elegantly designed characters, and the 3-D rendered characters are voiced by many popular Japanese voice actors such as Aya Uchida, Kaito Ishikawa, Toiyuki Morikawa and more.

After the evil plans of Conclave, a secretive corporation, to bring destruction to the world are revealed, a resistance group called Black Wings needs to step up and prevent the catastrophe. The players will form an army from a wide array of characters. There are over 120 unique heroes, and these include, ninjas, witches, and assassins from various civilizations.

The battle system of the game requires the players to be quick to carry out the correct commands at all times. You can team up with other players and form guilds and then set forth on expeditions that require a lot of teamwork. The players can also fight against other competitors.

The game even broke one million downloads in Japan and South Korea. It took just two weeks for Japan and a month for the Korean version.

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