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The House of Flowers Season 4 update & All You Need To Know

The House of Flowers Season 4 update
The House Of Flowers Still

Paulina was forced to share her cell with a gang holding an intension to kill her. Another gang led by La Chiva was also planning to execute their plans to kill Paulina. The journey of Paulina takes the main focus taking us can to the old days with strange memories. She finally decides to learn from her past about the mistakes and crimes she commits early in her life.

The House of Flowers is a Mexican black comedy television series. The series is created by Manolo Caro for Netflix. It follows the wealthy family doing two businesses at the same time. The family owns prestigious florists and a struggling cabaret. The first episode of the season was initially published on August 10, 2018.

The first season of the series holds 13 episodes, based on the positive response from the fans; production has renewed for the next season. The series has completed three seasons with 39 episodes.

The House Of Flowers

The House Of Flowers Still

When Is The House Of Flowers Season 4 update?

If renewed, House Of Flowers Season 4 will be released around April 2021. Please keep in mind, this is supposed to be the final season, but again, it can be renewed if the show is popular enough.

The third season came out on April 23, 2020, and as expected the season 3 of the series is said to contain 11 episodes. Production has well planned to take the series through an online video streaming platform. This decision was made to take the series to various regions of different countries. These are the information related to the update and streaming details of the series.

Recap: Is The Fight Ended Up In Murder?

The previous episode of the third season of the series came out on April 23, 2020. This was titled PETUNIA, directed by Manolo Caro, written by Mara Vargas Jackson. In the last episode of the House Of Flowers begins with the continuation of the last season.

The episode follows Elena will be in a vegetative state in hospital, Paulina was put behind bars for the crimes she committed, Julian enjoys life with a boyfriend, Diego seems to settle down although she steals money from de la Moras during the final stages of the first season.

Paulina’s former husband tries to take her out of the bail. He was unable to progress because she was left in Madrid. Purificación, sister of Paulina, takes up her case and later finds that she holds hatred towards her. Maria Jose also conforms to the evil-minded thought Purificación having towards her sister.

Elena recovers from the coma stage after a long time. Initially, She faces the confusion over the father of the baby. Diego conforms himself as the father of the baby, and Elena accepts to have the baby. She brings the baby home along with her brother and Diego.

The House Of Flowers

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Diego wishes to start a new life with his child and wife as a family. At some point, Diego and Julian indulge is a bad fight over the baby in risking Ellen’s mental health and hygiene. After exchanging words, Diego feels mentally disturbed and leaves to join the conversion therapy camp.

Who Are The Cast Included in The House Of Flowers Season 4?

Series has many star cast involved in carrying out the drama based on the mid of 19th century. The series contains a strong trace of LGBT along with subverts stereotypical outlook of race, class, sexuality, and morality in Mexico. We are expected to see similar casts in The House Of Flowers Season 4:

  • Cecilia Suárez as Paulina de la Mora
  • Aislinn Derbez as Elena de la Mora
  • Darío Yazbek Bernal as Julián de la Mora
  • Paco León as María José Riquelme
  • Juan Pablo Medina as Diego Olvera
  • Luis de la Rosa as Bruno Riquelme de la Mora
  • Arturo Ríos as Ernesto de la Mora
  • Lucas Velázquez as Claudio Navarro
  • Alexa de Landa as Micaela Sánchez
  • Sheryl Rubio as Lucía Dávila
  • Claudette Maillé as Roberta Navarro
  • Sawandi Wilson as Dominique Shaw
  • Natasha Dupeyrón as Ana Paula “La Chiquis” Corcuera
  • Eduardo Rosa as Alejo Salvat
  • Mariana Treviño as Jenny Quetzal