Eiichiro Oda Reveals New Key Visual For One Piece: Stampede

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One Piece Stampede update

One Piece: Stampede is getting closer with each passing month and right now, we’re barely two months away from its release. The movie has been hyped up to be the best One Piece movie to date and fans are already looking forward to it. We’ve got lots of information on the movie in the last few months from a PV to the story, to cast and character designs. Undoubtedly, Stampede is going to be the best looking One Piece movie.

To add to the already high hype of One Piece: Stampede, we finally got our look at Eiichiro Oda’s Key Visual for the movie. We know that Oda draws Key Visual and color spreads for movies. He has done this at least three times to my memory, for One Piece: Strong World, One Piece: Film Z, and One Piece: Film Gold.

Oda’s artwork for One Piece: Stampede broke out on Twitter earlier today, and the art looks absolutely gorgeous. We can see Luffy, along with several other characters such as Trafalgar Law, Boa Hancock, Smoker, Rob Lucci, and of course, the main antagonist of the movie, Douglas Bullet.

One Piece Stampede Key Visual

More information on the film will be revealed in the upcoming issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump magazine, which is just days away from releasing online.

One Piece: Stampede opens in Japanese theatres on August 8, 2019.

What’s Stampede about?
Stampede is based on a Pirate festival that is held by the Pirates, for the Pirates. A number of big and small name pirates are going to be present. This year, it is all about finding the treasure of Gol D Roger himself. The Strawhat Pirates will be participating in this festival as well.

Some other characters in the movie include Smoker, Tashigi, Trafalgar D Water Law and Buggy and his crew. The main villains in this movie are Buena Festa, who has organized the festival, and Douglas Bullet. The magnitude of the fight between Bullet and Luffy is going to be so big that the Revolutionary Army members, Marines and the Warlords will get involved as well.

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