Berserk Chapter 361 Spoilers and All You Need to Know

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Berserk Chapter 361 update

The Berserk Manga has a bad history of going into hiatuses for a long time, however, the wait for the upcoming chapter is finally coming to an end. Chapter 360 just came out a few months ago, and it has already been two months since chapter 360’s released, so it’s pretty obvious that fans will get frustrated.

However, worry not, as Berserk will be resuming this month only, and we have gathered all the latest information regarding the upcoming chapter, so here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Berserk Chapter 361.

What are the Spoilers of Berserk Chapter 361?

Berserk Chapter 361
Berserk Chapter 361

Berserk Manga is currently in its full swing and after the much-awaited chapter 360 made its way, fans can’t wait any longer to read what happens in the storyline in the imminent chapter 361. The series was in hiatus, and finally, it was broken when chapter 360 came out in April, however, it has been over two months, and we haven’t seen a new chapter yet, but worry not, as the official confirmation has come, and Berserk Chapter 361 is only a few weeks away, so prepare yourself for some epic action. According to some rumors, chapter 361 will be very exciting, and it will pick up from the final moments of chapter 360.

Speculations and rumors are circulating the internet, and according to them, we will see the interaction of the Skull Knight, and the chapter will focus on Casca and how she deals with her fear. Skull Knight will reportedly be helping her to deal with ‘Guts.’ Guts has protected Casca for years, and finally, after the reunion, fans are excited to see what lies ahead of Guts.

Few of the areas where Berserk Chapter 361 is expected to shed some light are as follows:

  • Farnese’s future: After learning advanced magic, it’s only natural for her to hone her skills and become a new healer.
  • The real mystery surrounding Daemon.
  • The fate of Griffith and his kingdom.

Berserk Manga Characters:

The characters of Berserk and their anime voice actors include:

  • Nobutoshi Canna as Guts (1997 series)
  • Yūko Miyamura as Casca (1997 series)
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa as Griffith (1997 series)
  • The Skull Knight
  • Akira Ishida as Judeau (1997 series)
  • Masuo Amada as Pippin (1997 series)
  • Tomohiro Nishimura as Corkus (1997 series)
  • Akiko Yajima as Rickert (1997 series)
  • Yūko Gotō as Farnese de Vandimion
  • Yuriko Fuchizaki as Puck
  • Takahiro Mizushima as Serpico
  • Hiroyuki Yoshino as Isidro

When is Berserk Chapter 361 update? Where can you read Berserk Chapter 361?

Berserk Chapter 361 will be released on 22nd July 2020, and according to the confirmation, the chapter will be published in Young Animal issue 15/2020. You can also read the chapter on Dark Horse.

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