Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 16: ‘Chapter Ninety-Seven’ Streaming And Spoilers

In this post, we are going to talk about Jane the Virgin season 5 episode 16 update, streaming details, and spoilers. The show is now moving towards its finale, with only a few episodes left before the series ends. I think that is the reason we are seeing Jane crying two times in an episode at an average. Nonetheless, the last episode was too interesting, when we saw Petra and Magda’s funny moments.

I know that Magda faced a serious injury after the accident, but it was funny when Petra gave full authority to the hospital to pull the plug. But it could not happen, as when Petra was about to pull the plug, noises started coming in showing that she is alive. On the other hand, Jane was taking care of the twins, and it looked like she would be a perfect stepmother for them, at least it is what Petra thinks!

The show is now 15 episodes deep into the fifth season, and the 16th episode is supposed to release this Wednesday. The 16th episode of Jane the Virgin season 5 is projected to release on 16 July 2019. The show is aired on The CW channel on Wednesdays at 9 PM. The upcoming episode is titled ‘Chapter Ninety-Seven.’

The show can be streamed online as well, and the easiest and cost-effective way would be the CW app and website. Moreover, several streaming platforms like DirecTV Now, Roku, and Hulu provide The CW streaming too, where you can stream Jane the Virgin at the discussed time.

In the next episode, Jane’s editor will have a twist in the story of her book, which will make her think that it has some resemblance to her own life. On the other side, River will again mess up when Rogelio tries to help her be friends with his daughter. Additionally, we will see Xo focusing to clear all the issues between Jane and Alba to avoid thinking about her career change.

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