Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Carrie Symonds Attends His First Speech From The Sidelines

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As Boris Johnson walked through doors of No. 10, Carrie Symond’s made a surprise appearance through the front. Boris’ girlfriend Ms. Carrie Symonds has been the constant subject of media attention since last night, there’s rife speculation in Westminster upon the place she is going to occupy as Johnson’s girlfriend.

Carrie Attends Boris Johnson’s First Speech On The Sidelines (Rob Pinney)

Boris and Carrie were last spotted in Oxfordshire on Sunday, right outside Mr. Johnson’s countryside home. Carrie Symonds is 31 conspicuous by her absence during the result of the Tory leadership contest in London. But Carrie made it to Downing Street,  dressed in pink and all smiles.

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with the Queen, Carrie appeared happy, for him. Prime Minister Boris and girlfriend Miss Symonds haven’t been spotted together since last Sunday, she left his home in Oxfordshire and chose not to attend the ceremony.

The 55-year-old, Mr. Johnson, just last night was publicly announced as the new Tory leader, this happened at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre, London.

It is a well-known fact that Boris’ family members, father Stanley, sister Rachel, and brother Jo have different views regarding Brexit. Nevertheless, each of them was part of the audience to celebrate his win. With Sir Eddie Lister his transition chief and incoming senior adviser, Mr. Johnson met with the Queen.

Rumor has it that Miss Symonds felt that her presence would have been a major distraction to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s address. Hence he addressed the audience alone, breaking the tradition on posing with either the girlfriend or wife when number 10 is entered for the first time.

But as Boris Johnson gave his first speech, Carrie appeared in a £120 Ghost shadowed pink dress. Carrie waited patiently as Boris arrived from Buckingham Palace.

Carrie Symonds and Boris will play an active role together as she is expected to accompany the Prime Minister to lure the MPs at private parties, at Chequers to win their support for his approach to Brexit.

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