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One Piece Episode 935 Preview, and Spoilers

One Piece

Luffy is still trying to figure out how he can use the Haki of the high level while fighting inside Udon for his freedom. Zoro is on a two against one combat with two powerful swordsmen. Zoro has two purposes to take his Shinsui back and to protect Toko and Komurasaki. This upcoming Sunday we will be looking at One Piece Episode 935 preview, and recap.

Zoro notices that his opponent is too strong he decides to be serious he took his top off. It is time for a real two-sword style and Luffy has already managed to take down two Gifter at Udon. Here we a going to witness a big turnover and the three-sword style will overcome the danger. Let’s see what Luffy and Zoro will do in their battle below.

One Piece Episode 935 update

One Piece Episode 935 will be released on Sunday, 2 August 2020, at 9:30 AM JST. Keep in mind that every Sunday a new chapter of One Piece is released. This post contains spoilers of the next episode you can skip them if you don’t like them. Take a look at more details below.

One Piece

One Piece

Previously on One Piece Episode 934

A fierce battle is about to begin Gyukumaru is standing on top of bandit bridge and Hitori Kamazo is taking off his top to show Zoro how strong he is. Hitori wants Zoro to get out of his way so that he can kill Toko and Komurasaki. Gyukumaru wants to defeat Zoro and go away with Shinsui. Zoro and Hitori charge towards each other.

They both show good skills in attacking and blocking Zoro feels like he is missing something. Gyukumaru is watching and getting ready to interfere. Meanwhile, at Udon Luffy thinks he is not having good practice since his opponents are too weak for him. He wants a big challenge, Luffy shouts at Balloon (Queen) asking if he has stronger opponents. He suggested that the Balloon can also join the fight while pointing at him.

Queen is busy enjoying red-bean soup that Big Mom is yearning for. He said that Hell has not yet unleashed. Bear is talking to himself that if he defeats straw hat he will get all prisoners’ dumplings. Bear smile gifter enter the ring and Luffy said he won’t let him take his dumplings. Bear unleashed his power claws attacking straw hat who dodge it at throw some massive punches at his bell. Luffy defeated the Bear in a single punch with a Haki.

At the mountain in an abandoned village Kuri, Kinemon is glad to sees Dogstorm after a long time. They talked about that enemies have found about the flyer with the symbol and the moon tattoo. Carrot is scared that they are in a big mess and their allies are getting caught by Kaido and Orochi’s underlings. Everyone is crying at capital thinking that Komurasaki is dead. They are even planning to prepare her funeral without knowing that she has escaped.

Orochi is crying like a baby for the beloved Komurasaki he has not even come out of his room. At Udon Luffy keeps on defeating his enemies with ease and Law wants to go and save his friends. Back to the mountain Gyukumaru get tired of waiting he enters the fight. Now it is one against two Zoro got stabbed in his chest by Hitori and he laughs and took Hitor’s sword for his own use. Now Zoro is about to unleash the three sword style.

Zoro unleashes his ace three sword style purgatory and he charges with Onigiri that cuts Hitori in an instant. Gyukumaru is shocked to see how powerful a samurai is. Zoro collapse out of hunger and Gyukumari left him with Komurasaki and Toko. Next time Luffy will be trying to improve his level of fighting by practicing with his enemies. Komurasaki will take care of Zoro who is injured and she will reveal her true identity to Zoro

One Piece Episode 935 Preview