Love Island Season 6 To Premiere In January 2020: Here Is How You Can Apply

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Love Island Season 6

In this post, we are going to talk about Love Island season 6 release details and how to apply. So first of all, everyone was too much involved in the fifth season, and it has finally come to an end. It was a schedule for all the fans to watch new episodes every day at 9 PM in the UK, which is going to be missed for sure. Therefore, everyone is keen to know whether the show will return or not. And if it is supposed to return, when would it return?

First of all, the show has become one of the most-watched shows in the UK, and it was a record-breaking year for the show. Thus, there is no question over more seasons of the show. More importantly, the show is not supposed to return this year at least. But it is not a moment to be sad, as the announcement came with the good news that the show will have two seasons in 2020.

Not just that, the earlier season would start in January 2020, which is not too far away, just a few months. Hence, everyone is excited to see more drama and love. Nonetheless, many are wondering how to apply to be in the show. Well, you can apply for the next season, and the applying period has already started. The deadline is 30 November 2019, and you have to apply on or before the date.

The applications can be submitted here, which is also available on Love Island website. Moreover, the applicant should be at least 18-years-old on or before 30 November 2019, to be eligible to participate in the show. Other eligibility criteria include a valid passport till 30 June 2020, and to be available for consecutive eight weeks starting from January 2020. All the details eligibility criteria are available on the application form.

So, if you think you are eligible, and you are the one who should be on the show finding love, then apply at the earliest. The next season will be situated in South Africa, where all the participants will be living in a villa together and finding their partners.

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