For tonight’s episode of The Resident, an injured criminal will be brought in by a police officer, who the staff must keep alive at any cost. After Nic gets roped into a surgical rotation with Cain, she that leaves her questioning the way he operates; Conrad makes a shocking discovery about the hospital. Bell has decided to pursue a new fiscal venture that may land him into a whole new market.

The episode airs tonight i.e. on 8 October 2019. The previous episode was titled “Flesh of My Flesh” and the next episode is titled “Belief System”. Here are a few of the essential details on The Resident.

The Resident
Resident Season 3: out tonight on Fox.

Name: The Resident
Season 3: Saints & Sinners
Air Date: October 8th, 2019
Genre: Drama
Network: FOX Production Companies, Fox Films, 20th Century Fox Television, 3 Art Entertainment
Writers: Andrew Chapman, Todd Harthan
Director: Paul McCrane
Plot Keywords: hospital, doctor, medical

The Resident is a Medical drama about resident physicians who are learning their craft and deal with the good and bad in their profession of practicing medicine at the lives and duties of staff members at Chastain Park Memorial Hospital. Resident premiered first on January 21, 2018, as a lead-out to the Vikings-Eagles NFC Championship, and as a mid-season replacement entry in the 2017–18 television, while delving into the bureaucratic practices of the hospital industry. Season 3 Episode 4 is called “The Belief System” and it will be out 15 October 2019 and it is about Conrad developing judgement over Devon’s abilities as the patient he pronounced dead suddenly revives to life.

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