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Volcanic Age Chapter 113 Read, and Spoilers

Volcanic Age Chapter 113 update and Spoilers

The latest Chapter of Volcanic age was just released, and with it, the 13 strongholds of the red forest are introduced. They are bandits based in Zhongyuan, and they show up everywhere. Most of them are composed of second and third rate fighters but are large in numbers, just like the Xia Wu sect of the Black Way. They do have some high-level martial artists as some of their leaders are part of the top 100 martial artists…. needed more forces for his plan to raid them and was planning on making up a team. Seung Gae was reluctant to make part of the team as he asked why he had to go and later added that if he needed weapons, he could just teach him how to use them.

When Joo Seo-Cheon mentioned that there might be traps, Jegal got excited to a point where he agreed to form part of the team. Lady Mu, Who was eavesdropping, wanted to come, sating that she wanted to take care of Seung Gae as an excuse. Later the formed team gathered to set for Zhongyuan, where not many people but Joo pointed out that there is going to be more when they get to Zhongyuan as there someone he said they are going to meet.

While their team was on their way to Zhongyuan, a mysterious figure was spying on them and delivering intel back to his boss. He further revealed that the pure blossom sword and the golden will guild master were close friends and wanted to get rid of them at the same time. WIth the intel gathered together, the boss figured out something about pure blossom sword but was in doubt.

Volcanic Age follows the story of Joo Seo-Cheon, who lived through the harsh ages of war but carried many regrets in his younger life. When he passes away as an old man, he was reincarnated back to his 8-year-old young self. He returned to his days as a pupil and was ready to take all the past opportunities that he missed.

The upcoming chapter will reveal more about the gathered intel and what the new boss has figured out about pure blossom sword. As he was deducing it, it sounded like very important information. And his upcoming plans of getting rid of the pure blossom sword and the golden will guild master as they are traveling together, and he already has tabs on them. Volcanic age is serialized in KakaoPage Magazine, you can read it there, and the manga is released on a weekly basis with Chapter 113 scheduled for the 15th of December 2019 release.