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The Creator Of Chihayafuru Established A Fund To Support Karuta Industry

Chihayafuru Season 3 Episode 9

Yuki Suetsugu, the creator of the manga “Chihayafuru,” established a Chihayfuru Fund on Tuesday, 14 January. This is the fund to support the competitive kauruta industry like the management of various competitions and to promote Ogura Hyakunin Isshu. A website ( has already launched on Tuesday about the fund and how to donate it. Setsugu also published a manga on the information based on her motives for establishing funds on Comici’s website.

In the published manga, Yuki Suetsugu explains how the story of Manga Chihayfuru is soon coming to its end. She also explained how the people in the real-life world of competitive Karuta have helped and assisted her in the manga “Chihayafuru.”


Even if Karuta has become more popular in these recent years, many Karuta Organization still lacks the funds and Manpower. And couldn’t provide any funds to pay the players well and train players who have ambitions for Karuta. To support the industry, Suetsugu decided to use her manga to help raise funds.

A message from Yuki Suetsugu on the funding website:

Greeting from the founder, Yuki Suetsugu

“I want to have a good time with my friends in the competition.
I want to give back to a lot of things I got from the competition.
The Karuta competition population continues to rise.
That’s why children who are familiar with the competition
“I want to keep Karuta forever.”
I want you to be stronger with this dream.
Through the competition Karuta, you will be exposed to the culture of the Hundred and One Head,
I want to make friends all over the world.
In cooperation with everyone who has supported the world of Karuta,
It is necessary to work to support the passion of children
——That’s what led to the launch of the Chihayafuru Fund.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. ”
Yuki Suetsugu

The funding committee is organizing a Karuta meeting on 23rd February called “The First Chihayafuru Ogurayama Cup.” Where the eight top-class Karuta athletes will be competing at this fundraising event.

Yuki Setsugu’s Karuta themed manga “Chihayafuru has been serialized in Kodansha’s BE LOVE magazine. Chihayafuru has made 43 tankonbon volumes with more than 24 million copies. The manga has adapted into Live-action films and anime. Chihayafuru 3, the third season was premiered on October 22, which is still on the air.