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Ambitions Season 2: update Details, Plot, Cast, and Trailer

Ambitions Season 2
Ambitions Season 2

The multi-generational family drama, ‘Ambitions’, is a web-series that explores deceit, power, and love flavored with the taste of politics. The series is premiered on OWN and presents a provocative family saga steeped in controversies. The series has run a successful Season 1 delighting its target audience of mature age-groups.

Creators of the series Jamey Giddens and Will Packer have delivered a ruthless and fearless masterpiece that depicts ‘sexy, deceitful machinations of love, power, and politics.’ Creators have launched various other successful ventures like Packer, who is also behind ‘Ride Along,’ ‘Think Like a Man,’ and ‘Girls Trip.’

The series is exciting and sophisticated and engrosses the viewers with its twist and turns. The racy and steamy storyline, which absorbs complex concepts like money and love, induces viewers for more and more. So, now everyone is waiting for an amazing Season 2.

What is Ambitions Season 2 Plot?

The series follows a woman who relocates to the glamorous city of Atlanta to fix her disturbed marriage. However, things don’t go as they seem as she gets involved in the vicious cycle of power, deceit, and politics.

Viewers meet with Stephanie, who is a prominent lawyer and comes from a reputed family of attorneys. She desperately tries to own and run the Carlisle family law firm, but her father doesn’t consider her fit for the role. Next comes, Amara, who is the college friend of Stephanie. She gets a job at the United States Attorney’s Office and gets known for diligence in Investigation and Prosecution.

The series records the hateful rivalry between two powerful law tycoons Stephanie Lancaster and Amara Hughes, who compete with each other in professional and personal lives. Season 1 of the series is packed with dynamic events involving Carlilses, Lancasters, and Purifoy’s. The tragic twist in the season occurred when Evan Sr. was shot down by identified persons, and Herschel Cooper commits suicide upon receiving threats from Amara.

Twists get crippled further when Evan’s quest for a BDSM-packed night ends in slaughter as he discovers Daphne’s lifeless body in bed. Season 1 ends with a lot of cliffhangers. Amara seems to be disturbed, seeing Stephanie and Titus together in a hotel room. A chain of betrayals shapes the ending of Season 1, which extends to Bell when she and Ignacio ‘engage’ only to have baby Joaquin kidnapped. Even the relationship between Carly and Lori gets complicated.

Who are Ambitions Season 2 Cast?

The lead cast crew of the series includes Robin Givers, who plays the role of Stephanie Carlisle, who is dedicated to continuing her family’s legacy of renowned attorneys. Her husband’s name is Evan Lancaster, who is the Mayor of Atlanta and dreams of being the first African-American Governor. Brian J. White plays his role.

The crucial role of Amara Hughes is played by Essence, Atkins. Amara is a diligent lawyer in the U.S. Attorney’s office and knows the art of investigation and prosecution. We also find Kendrick Cross playing the role of Titus Hughes, the husband of Amara, and a dedicated in-house counsel of pharma company owned by Hunter Purifoy. Among other members of the cast, the crew includes Brely Evans as Rondell, Erica Page as Bella, Christina Kirkman as Lori, Steven Williams as Stephen Carlisle, among others.

What are Ambitions Season 2 Trailer?

The trailer of Ambitions Season 2 is still to premiered by the streaming platform OWN. However, you can enjoy Season 1 Trailer here-

When is Ambitions Season 2 update?

Ambitions Season 2 is expected to release in June 2020. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.