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Nioh 2: Everything We Know So Far

Team Ninja is currently working on their sequel to their popular title, Nioh. It is hardly surprising that Team Ninja is working on the sequel for Nioh as the game is performed very well. According to reports, Nioh sold a lot of copies, and it was much more than what the company had expected to sell. The game also proved to be a success story on PC. It was reported that the developers were concerned about the game’s performance on PC. But, it managed to do quite well.

There weren’t any clues before E3 2018 which hinted that Team Ninja was working on a new Nioh game. The first game was released back in February 2017. It is kind of obvious that the game will take a lot of work before it is released. Team Ninja didn’t reveal any gameplay or any specific details from the sequel. The game won’t be too different from the original game.

The story of Nioh 2 should pick up from where the first part left off. However, this is just a possibility. The game could end up going in a totally different direction. It will be interesting to see what Team Ninja will do with the story. All we know is that Team Ninja is working hard on Nioh 2. We don’t have ayet for the game but, it is expected to be released sometime in 2019.

Developer: Team Ninja
Publisher: Koei Tecmo
Platforms: PS4, PC
Genre: Action-RPG, ‘Souls like’

It seems that the game won’t be coming out for Xbox One. It was revealed at the E3 by Fumihiko Yasuda that the game will be built on the foundations of the original game. The game will be very difficult just like the first part. It has also been revealed that the players will be able to customize their characters in Nioh 2.