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Warcraft 2 – Release, Rumors, And Updates

In this post, we are going to talk about Warcraft 2 and everything we know about it, so far. Warcraft is no doubt one of the most popular game, and it has a huge player base with millions of players around the world. Legendary brought the popular MMORPG  Warcraft to the big screen in 2016, and he hoped that the movie would be a success, and it was and was not.

The movie was rated good by the fan base and had an IMDb rating of 6.9, which is considered really good. However, the movie was rated really bad at Rotten Tomatoes and by the critics. Even though the critics rated the movie really bad, the movie generated enough money. The movie did extremely bad domestically and made less than $50 million. However, the movie turned out to be a huge success in China, and the movie made a total of $390 million internationally, and the majority was because of the movie’s success in China.

Warcraft had a budget of $160 million, and it made $390 million, which is really good, but as I mentioned earlier, the movie mainly depended on China. Now you guys might not know but China only allows 34 Hollywood movies in their country every year, and if they do make Warcraft 2, they will have to highly depend on that only, and if it doesn’t work out then the movie might be a huge flop.

The director of the movie, Duncan Jones, talked to JoBlo about Warcraft 2. He said that he’s very much interested in directing a sequel if the studio wants one. He also talked about the diversity in the ratings between the fans and critics.

Duncan Jones also said that at this post, no one is ready to pull the trigger for the sequel one way or the other. He said that it is very easy to say no to things, but it is very hard to say yes, as that is when you get fired, you don’t get fired for saying no, but you get fired for saying yes.

Duncan was trying to tell us, that no one wants to pull the trigger for Warcraft 2, if the movie is success, then its good and the person who pulled the trigger won’t get fired, but if the movie is a failure, then the person will definitely get fired, and no one wants to take that risk.

Duncan is still hoping that someone will say yes, since it has made so much money in China, and it might be really successful since there will be an international release, and he’s waiting for it.

There’s still hope for Warcraft 2, and if they do make a sequel, they can skip the US theatres, as it would save them a lot of marketing budget.