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Piggy Chapter 8 New Gameplay, and Trailer Details

Piggy Chapter 8
Piggy Chapter 8

Piggy is a survival horror game where the players have to escape from the location without getting caught from the motors and complete their mission tasks. In this article, I’ll discuss the new gameplay, trailer, and update. The game involves finding the lost piggy; players are the police officers who use their intelligence facing challenges and threats during the game.

Piggy was created by Minitoon, with currently seven-chapters already released. Each chapter has many stories involved where the player has to solve the problems and escape from the dangerous monster to find lost piggy and return him back home.


Piggy chapter 8 will be released sometime in April 2020; the game is still in the testing phase. The testing process has been halted by the production due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Due to the increase in the popularity and the response from the fans, the production has started its progress in developing chapter 8. Game is expected to be released later this year once the development and testing progress get completed. As far now, there is no official information about the update. We’ll update the progress of the game once it gets officially announced fro the production.

Piggy Chapter 8

piggy Chapter 8 poster


The game involves several small story cases in which you have an escape from the dangerous monster to complete your mission to find a pig called George. The player decides to find the lost piggy and reaches the house where the pig was last sent. As soon as the player gets near the house, he’ll be hearing some rattling noise from nearby bushes and gets attacked by the pig; the player has to survive the attacks and escape from the location. Players wake up ina bed with information that his police station was chased by some kind monster.

the player reaches the police station and gets shocked by the incident that took place. Coworker Doggy explains the situation that another monster attacked the police station. The player finds only doggy and him alone, and nobody was found around the station. The player and the Doggy get into the car and tries to escape from the monster; the car runs out of gas in the middle of the city. The game involves many incidents where the player tries hard to escape from the monsters to reach the pig and take him back home.



The player, along with the coworker Doggy, reaches the middle of the forest in search; they found the monsters where their teammates. Player suspects that the monster has converted them into Evil sprit. As the sunsets, they decide to sleep under the tree during midnight police officer wakes up came to know that Doggy is missing. The horror game involves many interesting stores from which the game progress.

Due to the increasing popularity and the positive response from the critics, production has started its development progress for another profitable chapter. Piggy is expected to be out with new stories and items that could enhance the credibility of the game furthermore.