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2019 VW Golf MK8 Specifications And Price

2019 VW Golf MK8 specifications

Golf 8 is a fantastic car that has an impressive exterior and interior. The tech that is present in this car is so advanced that it is too soon to reveal it. This car is noticeable from far away because of its design. There are many changes to it like the new, low set, slim-line grille, which provides a better pedestrian safety by raising the soft bonnet above the hard engine below. It has a standard fit front LED which will provide bright light. This car will also be available with computer controlled matrix LEDs that can be used on full beam even in oncoming traffic.

The buyer can choose different alloy wheels that range from 16 to 19-inches in size. The interior of this possesses a single central infotainment screen which can be swapped for two huge displays if you spent an extra penny. This car will come fitted with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard. Moreover, it will have next-generation voice activation that really can understand spoken commands. This car has a mild-hybrid tech even on its regular models.

2019 VW Golf MK8 update

2019 VW Golf MK8’s interior

Basic 1.0-liter petrol cars are tipped to do without a turbocharger. These trims will most likely use a revised version of 1.5-liter petrol fitted to the current Golf that uses cylinder deactivation technology to save fuel – by resting half the engine when its extra power isn’t needed. Moreover, the company said that developing a new 2.0-liter engine that should offer punchy motorway performance and excellent fuel economy.

Theof this car hasn’t been revealed but there are rumors that 2019 Volkswagen Golf might be shown at its home Frankfurt in September, but it can get delayed because of the glitches in infotainment screens etc. As for the price it is yet to be revealed to us but might start at £19,500 and end around £35,000 range.