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Power Season 6: Spoilers And Air Date

Power, the American cable crime drama left us all in doldrums with its Season 6 when one of the most interesting and major characters storylines got a major twist. This, by the way, was the final episode of Power Season 5 and boy, was it loved by one and all. Power traces the story of a snazzy New York City nightclub owner James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick (portrayed by Omari Hardwick).

So the story goes somewhat like Ghost in his exploits tries to release himself from the entanglement of the city’s nefarious drug world. Power, the TV show is doing very well for itself. And it, therefore, should be no surprise that it is getting a Season 6. Season 6 of Power has been commissioned by the network Starz. So far 5 Seasons and 48 episodes are out. Power is produced by Bart Wenrich, Shana Stein, Heather Zuhlke, Raphael Jackson Jr amongst many others and has been active since 2014.

For Season 6 of Power, we’ll see a slight change. That’s because former executive producer Gary Lennon is now becoming co-show-runner with, Courtney Kemp. The whole network is thrilled to have Gary as the creative head and quite frankly, power does owe it’s a success to Gary.

Sadly for Season 6, Kanan won’t be there. He was killed in a police ambush in the 10th episode of Power. Rest Angela (Lela Loren), Tommy (Joseph Sikora), Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.), Dre (Rotimi Akinosho) and La La (LaKeisha Grant) will all be back.

Now coming to the major question, when does Season 6 of Power come out? My guess is either June or July, and that’s because Season 1-5 have religiously come out in those months. Therefore the sixth season will follow the same suit and will premiere in June or July of 2019. For now, we do not have a trailer to Season 6 of Power, but you should expect it to be out soon, maybe in a couple of months. All we can tell you is that Starz is all pumped up to release Power by the end or middle of 2019.

Updated on March 19, 2019:

Speculation about Power Season 6 is finally spreading, and we’ve been told that it’ll come out around June or July 2019. Of course, this is based on what we’ve heard and not an official announcement. More often than not, these speculations do turn out to be correct.

At the very moment, not many details are revealed about the sixth season, but we do have a bit of information. Courtney Kemp revealed that the shooting of Angela in the finale of the fifth season leads to the death of the friendship between Ghost and Tommy. She also added that in some ways this is going to control the beginning of the next season.

On the other hand, Tariq is expected to have a bigger role in Power Season 6. This is all the information we have for now; we will keep you posted with more information as we have it.

Updated on 31 March:

There is not much know when it comes to release, which is strange as it is high time now. It is not know in which stage the sixth season is, and has the shooting finished or not. It makes it even difficult to predict anything. So, we still stick to the latter half of 2019 update.

Also, there are a lot of fan theories spreading across the cyberspace that Angela might still be alive, which is shocking. I do not want to spread those theories even more, but I would be more than happy if we could see her in the next season.

Updated on April 28, 2019:
Fans are desperately waiting for the 10 episode installment of Power in Season 6, and we cannot wait for the show to return either. Unfortunately, even by April 2019, we do not have an official announcement to go by. But we do have lots of news that hint towards when theof the next season of the show could be. We’re told that Power Season 6 will definitely return in 2019.

So, the idea that the show will come out next year is out of the window. As mentioned above, most speculations seem to suggest that the show will come out in June 2019, but we now think that an August 2019 release makes much more sense. This is because the show is probably in post-production right now, and if that’s true, it’ll take at least a couple of months to get it done. Promotion for the show would naturally take up a month, and as a result, thecould be pushed back to August 2019.