Agents of SHIELD Season 6 Shooting Completed

The filming of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D season 6 has already completed, which was confirmed by Mark Kolpack, who is Visual Effects Supervisor of the show. The show was the first TV production of Marvel which was set in Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show has emerged from the first season, and it has made a huge impact.

Also, the show has improved a lot from the first season to the fifth season, and we are expecting that the show will be even better in the next season. The show follows adventures of SHIELD agents Phil Coulson and Daisy Johnson. Additionally, there have been a lot of confusions about the show as it was decided that the fifth season will be the last season, and the fans were also aware of it.

However, the late renewal might have made a lot of fans happy, and we are very close to the sixth season as the shooting has completed. Moreover, the show will not be released in its usual period as it is not in the list of ABC winter or spring shows so that we might see the show back in July of the next year.

I think that it is because of the Avengers film which is also coming in the next year, so they would be interested to release the film first and then the show.

Updated on 9 May 2019:

All the uncertainties are now very certain, as the show is supposed to release its sixth season tomorrow. The update is 10 May 2019, and it will be broadcasted on ABC channel as we know it. The previous seasons have had more than 20 episodes per season, but this season will only have 13 episodes.

If you think that the low number of episodes means that the show would get canceled, then you are wrong. The show has already been renewed for a seventh season! So, Agents of SHIELD will have a lot of work to do! So, watch this upcoming season to know how it goes. The trailer of the sixth season is linked below!

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