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Will ‘Young Sheldon Season 3′ Fulfill Fans’ Expectations After TBBT Ends?

Young Sheldon Season 3

Young Sheldon’s second season had ended on the day when The Big Bang Theory ended. But Young Sheldon doesn’t end there, as there will be more season for the genius boy and about his family. This amazing show is created by the same people that made The Big Bang Theory, who is Chuck Lorre and Steven Molaro.

Young Sheldon made its debut in 2017 and had a total of 22 episodes in its first season. It is set in the year 1989, which shows us the life of Sheldon when he was in a high school student in Galveston, Texas. Because of this, the fans were able to see the backstory of the fan-favorite character. CBS renewed Young Sheldon for two more seasons which will be returning this year and in 2020.

The first two seasons of Young Sheldon update were similar to The Big Bang Theory’s update. Even though Big Bang Theory has ended, but there is a good chance that Young Sheldon will have a similar schedule. As for the update, Young Sheldon should be released in September.

The story of Young Sheldon Season 3 will show us Sheldon continues to face the ups and downs of his life during the high school year. Moreover, it has been hinted that the third season will be focusing on Sheldon’s life in college. I say this because it has been hinted in the Big Bang Theory, it was hinted in the last season of the show. Also, there will be some more character development of the family members of the Cooper household.