Duke Of Death And His Maid Anime Coming Soon on Funimation

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You must already be acquainted with the news that ‘Duke Of Death And His Maid’ has got an anime adaptation which is all set to release this month. The official trailer has been dropped a few days ago and the anime lovers are more than excited. All of us are probably looking forward to the beautiful essence of friendship and loyalty that was there in the manga, and hopefully will be captured in the anime version as well. Well, now it has also been confirmed that Funimation has bagged the streaming rights to the anime and will soon start releasing the episodes one by one.

Licensed by Funimation, the anime has been directed by ‘Kill Me Baby,’ ‘Hi Score Girl’ and ‘Little Busters!’ fame Yoshiki Yamakawa under the production studio of J.C. Staff. The CGI has been done by Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment while ‘Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon’ and ‘Date A Live’ fame Hideki Shirane has composed the series. The music has been composed by Gen Okuda and Takeshi Watanabe, while the characters have been designed by ‘Hi Score Girl’ and ‘Danchi Tomoo’ fame Michiru Kuwabata.

Duke Of Death And His Maid Premiere Date

Duke Of Death And His Maid has been scheduled to premiere in Japan on July 4, 2021, Thursday, on Tokyo MX at 10:00 p.m. JST, and later on BS11 and Yomiuri TV. Last Wednesday, Funimation made the announcement that the anime will be available for stream exclusively from July 4, for the anime season of summer 2021.

According to the trailer, the anime will showcase a strong and beautiful bond between the cursed duke Bocchan and his maid Alice. On one hand, where Bocchan struggles to hold back from touching Alice, since that would harm her, Alice loves to tease him by being too close, making him uncomfortable.

Duke Of Death And His Maid Cast Details

The show features Natsuki Hanae voicing the role of the Duke of Death and Ayumi Mano, voicing over the character of Alice. The cast also includes Inori Minase as Viola, voicing the character of duke’s youngest sister; Houchu Ohtsuka as Rob, who is the Duke’s butler and his only companion other than Alice; Wakana Kuramochi as Caph, voicing the character of a young witch who is befriended by Alice and Duke; Yūma Uchida as Walter, playing the role of the Duke’s younger brother who became the heir of his family in place of him; Hiroshi Kamiya as Zain, who is Caph’s friend and a wizard; and Daleth, who is the leader of all the witches in notable roles.

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Duke Of Death And His Maid Plotline

Duke Of Death And His Maid
Duke Of Death And His Maid

The anime tells the story of our titular character, the Duke of Death, who has been cursed by a witch in his childhood such that if he touches any living being, he would steal its life, instantly killing it. With such a powerful but unwanted power in his hands, the child was bound to stay away from his family and thus lived in a huge mansion located in the forest. He has been treated as a non-existent person and has to bear the ignorance of his peers continually.

Fortunately, he is not entirely alone. With Rob, his butler and Alice, his maid, he at least, has a few loyal companions by his side. Alice enjoys teasing the Duke with her tricky actions but remains the most devoted person to him. With such a unique connection between the Duke and Alice, their feelings begin to grow as they come closer throughout the story. In such a situation, the Duke must find a way to break free from this deadly bane taking help from different inhabitants of the supernatural.

About Duke Of Death And His Maid Manga

Popularly known as ‘Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid’ in the native language, ‘Duke Of Death And His Maid’ is a romantic comedy penned down by Koharu Inoue. The manga has been serialized online since October 2017 through the official website of Shogakukan’s Sunday Webry. As of May 2021 it has been gathered in tankōbon volumes of twelve.

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