Where Is Joe In Season 8 Of The Flash?

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Joe In Season 8 Of The Flash

When we start watching any series, each character becomes part of our life. The same happened with The Flash. Now that Joe is absent from season 8 of the Flash, fans are wondering about his whereabouts. The character of Joe West, a father figure and a detective is played by Jesse L. Martin. He has portrayed the character for long 8 seasons. There cannot be any series fan who does not love the character. He is among the most popular characters of the Flash.

Born on September 9, 1968, Joe is the former police captain of the Central City Police Department. This brave gentleman was a badge 5936. Also, Joe is a widower of the late Francine West. He is the father of Iris West-Allen, Wally West, and Jenna West. That is not the end of Joe’s relationship on the show. He is also the foster father/ father-in-law of Barry Allen and a boyfriend of Cecile Horton. Joe, in season 8 of The Flash, has met a terrible fate, and it seems like he is not going to return ever. Let’s look into the truth about his absence.  

Joe In Season 8 Of The Flash

It is part 2 of the Armageddon storyline in season 8 that took our beloved Joe from us. They delivered terrible news of Joe West’s death. The news came as most shocking to the audience. The fans are in the habit of watching him in the series. Now that he is gone, the show is not going to be the same ever. Meanwhile, it is still arguable if he will remain dead. This is the superhero world we are talking about, and anything can happen in it. There are high chances that Joe will return. Joe, in season 8 of The Flash, is one of the prominent characters, and his death will definitely change the dynamics. 

Joe In Season 8 Of The Flash

The Flash showrunner, Eric Wallace, hinted that Joe’s experience might only be near-death. He further stated that Joe is going to have an entirely changed perspective that would make him make the decisions nobody could be predicted. He said that everyone thought that the big choice he made was in the last year to put down his badge. Nevertheless, Joe, in season 8 of The Flash, will make some bigger choices that will have him walking down the path. Well, now that he is dead, we assume this is the path he was talking about. 

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Has Jesse L. Martin got The New Show?

We know that Joe in season 8 of The Flash is dead, and it appears like Jesse L. Martin has made up his mind to step away from the role. There are strong speculations about him signing a new NBC pilot. Hence, the actor is bidding goodbye to the character he played for long 8 years. Nevertheless, nothing is as simple as it feels. There is still a twist in the news. Reportedly, we can see his powerful performances in the new season 9 of the Flash. The actor is still in negotiations about season 9 of the arrowverse series. 

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